Funding the Next Generation of AR

Ghost is Snap’s AR Innovation Lab—designed to support the next generation of augmented reality products that help people shop, learn, play, and solve everyday problems around the world.

Fellowship Overview

To successful candidates, Ghost offers a flexible R&D environment, funding, and access to Snap’s creative & technical teams to help developers and small companies explore new AR use cases that leverage the most advanced capabilities in Lens Studio.

Project Funding

Ghost Fellows receive between $15K and $150K USD to build AR products in the form of Lenses that leverage Snap’s most advanced development tools and distribution platform. Candidates have the option to pursue a short-term experimental project (< 3 months), or embark on a longer term endeavor to build an end-to-end product (3-9+ months) as a Lens. Funding will primarily be determined based on the complexity of the proposal and estimated development time. In some cases, successful candidates may receive a grant higher than $150K USD if the approved project is particularly intensive or subject to additional criteria as determined by Snap.

Early Access to Lens Studio

Ghost Fellows receive early access to Lens Studio and direct contact with engineering support to explore Snap’s most advanced AR tools and capabilities well before they become available to the general public. Fellows will leverage powerful features like Machine Learning with SnapML, Scan, and Connected Lens technology, plus get a glimpse of the upcoming roadmap to experiment and plan ahead for product enhancements.

Product Design Guidance

At Snap, we strive to design joyful, responsible, and inclusive products. As we continue to release technology that overlays computing on the world around us, we aim to build and fund accessible products designed with transparency, privacy, and the many dimensions of human identity and experience in mind. Ghost Fellows will have access to resources from Snap’s internal product inclusion teams to embed inclusive design principles in the product development process from ideation to launch.

Global Distribution

On average, over 200 million daily active users (DAUs) engage with augmented reality on Snapchat every day.1 As Ghost Fellows explore and launch new AR use cases across our platforms, we’ll help developers leverage tools like Lens Analytics and UX testing to think about the most effective ways to engage Snap’s global audience and achieve their business goals.

Fellowship Tracks

Developers, teams, and small companies may apply to one of the following 6 tracks for funding and support. Successful candidates will join Ghost as Lab Fellows and receive a grant of up to $150K USD based on the complexity of their project.


Everyday Solutions
We’re constantly inspired by the ways people use the Snap camera to solve problems in their everyday lives. Whether you want to learn how to keep your new plant alive,  measure the height of the living room wall for a remodel, or translate a menu while traveling abroad—AR offers seamless solutions that can help save time and reduce friction. We’re looking forward to funding the next generation of Lenses that help people tackle day-to-day challenges around the world.

How to Apply

  • Ghost is best suited for developers, teams, and companies with professional-level creative and technical expertise, as well as experience shipping mobile apps and games 
  • Candidates may submit proposals for one or more tracks for consideration, but should indicate their first choice in the application
  • Proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis until July 31, 2021
  • If your project is selected for consideration, you will be contacted to schedule an interview with Snap’s internal engineering and partnerships teams
  • After a candidate has completed the interview stage, Snap will communicate the final application decision in writing
1Snap Inc. internal data Q1 2021