What is Camera Kit?

Camera Kit is a turnkey SDK solution that enables developers to leverage Snap’s world class AR platform and technology in their mobile applications to deliver unique and compelling AR experiences to their users.


Quickly and easily integrate the Camera Kit AR SDK into your mobile application.


Create a wide variety of innovative augmented reality experiences through the Lens Studio development software or tap into Snap’s network of experienced AR Lens developers through the Creator Marketplace.


Schedule and manage AR Lenses to reach your customers at the right time. Drive incremental distribution and reach of the AR experiences built for your Camera Kit application on Snapchat.

Case Studies


Zoog is an Israel-based video app for creating shared family experiences through reading, learning, and playing when families can’t be together physically. Family members can make storytime videos using Lenses, effects, and sounds as they read. 
Zoog integrated with Snap’s Camera Kit, and using Lens Studio, built a series of Lenses where readers can become a whole cast of characters, creating magical moments for families through augmented reality. 
Their users were 42% more likely to share their creation with loved ones after Zoog’s Camera Kit integration. Users who received a Zoog with Lenses were more than 3x more likely to request another one, and were 100% more engaged, showing their support for the videos with likes and hearts. 
Zoog saw a 280% increase in converting viewers to download the application for the first time after offering Snap’s Lenses, driving new user acquisition. 1

Integrating Camera Kit

Create for Camera Kit

Lens Studio

Lens Studio is a powerful, best-in-class desktop application designed for artists and developers to build augmented reality experiences.

Lens Web Builder

Lens Web Builder enables developers, brands, and agencies to create AR experiences through our templates with no coding experience required.

Creator Marketplace

Discover and partner with top AR developers and agencies in the Snap Creator Community that are experts in building with Lens Studio software.

Request Access

​​Submit a request for the Closed Beta below and stay tuned for expanded access announcements.

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2Source: Smule internal data Q4 2021.
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