Over the course of 2020, we saw Lens Creators from all over the world create powerful AR experiences with Lens Studio that explored new territory, combining leading-edge technologies with novel outcomes. From using SnapML to learn new languages, to body tracking that fueled dance challenges, and even LiDAR Lenses that could detect the space around you, you’ve evolved and transformed the world around us right before our eyes!

You continue to inspire us with creations that bring joy, innovation, and wonderment to the AR landscape. As we enter this new year, we look forward to seeing how you continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with augmented reality.

We’re recognizing 20 Lenses built by the Creator community that tapped into Lens Studio’s most innovative capabilities to redefine what a Lens can be.

Amplify Movement with Body Tracking

Pin-Up Wardrobe by Shimenta

Star Burst by Jalaiah

Neon Line by Enuriru

Immerse the World In Your Imagination with LiDAR

 by Zach Lieberman

SWAMPIFY by Isabelle Udo

Create More Meaningful Moments with Face Lenses

Give Me A Reason by BENNETT

Face Glitch by Max

SimonSays Showdown by Lafiya Watson Ramirez

BlackHistory King by Kugalimedia

Fluffy by Emilien

Transform the World With SnapML

Style Vision by Luka Lan Gabriel

Freeze Frame by Olivia S

Spaghetti by Pam

Board Score by James Hurlbut

Sketch to Color by cunicode

Expand Your Canvas with World Lenses

Car Customizer by Mike French

Box Bois by Alex Bradt

GLAM QUEST by Aidan Wolf

Glass Unicorn by WRLD SPACE

Abstract Universe by Alie Jackson

Happy Creating!

Team Lens Studio