AR Fashion Takes Center Stage During Fashion Month

Congratulations to our worldwide developer community for making
the 2022 Snap x Lenslist AR Fashion Month Challenge a global success.

This past month, creativity took center stage as creators from around the world submitted fashion and beauty Lenses to compete for $150,000 in prizes. The results have been nothing short of spectacular — our community continues to heighten and expand the meaning of fashion while proving that the exclusive world of couture can be inclusive, accessible, and deeply personal. The global Snapchat community has already embraced these stylish Lenses, helping millions across the world get dressed-up and made-up for the biggest events of the fashion season — and beyond.

With so many incredible Lenses to choose from, our judges had their work cut out for them as they evaluated each entry on the following criteria: creativity, craft, theme, and user-focus.

After much deliberation, we’re excited to announce the winners of the 2022 Snap x Lenslist AR Fashion Month Challenge.

First Place

Gold and Stones
by Sofia Roussin

In a word? Iconic.

We can’t get enough of this stunningly versatile asymmetric gown from Ukrainian designer Sofia Roussin. Choose from five precious stones to complete your look (because why have one dress when you can have five?). Shimmering rose, white, and silver hues complement a rich gold base for an elegantly chic finish that is undoubtedly runway-certified — just don’t forget to strike a pose.

Second Place

Flashing Lights
by 2020CV

Catwalk or catwoman? For us, the answer is a resounding YES. Turn heads with this sultry ensemble that’s equal parts sexy and mysterious. Trim, flashy trousers: check. Sparkling strapless top: check. Fierce elegance: check. The mask is a nice touch, but be warned: it’s nearly impossible to stay anonymous with this standout look.

Third Place

Digital Nomad
by Eugene Lemeshko

Biker chic meets cyberpunk with this elegantly edgy designer jacket and sunglass combo from Eugene Lemeshko. The attention to detail and original style give this piece range; put it on to elevate your everyday attire or combine with formalwear to add texture. This jacket is guaranteed to steal the show whether you’re headed to a dive bar or a cocktail bar.

Intergalactic Gown
by Ger Killeen

It’s not an overstatement to say that Ger’s design aesthetic is out of this world. This stunning gown made with flowing layers of intergalactic space dust is probably the closest we’ll ever get to leaving the atmosphere — and we’re not complaining. Become the star, literally, with this interplanetary outfit.

Fourth Place

Dolce Vita Trench 
by Cooltrede Studio

This full-length trench coat from Cooltrede Studio is absolute class. Where do we start? The bold lapels. The ornate belt. The exquisite taper. Everything about it is equal parts luxurious and timeless. Become the hero or the villain in this gem — either way you’ll make a statement.

Origami Hoodie
by beatpop

Inspired by the ornate symmetry of traditional origami, this designer hoodie from beatpop is not your typical loungewear. Gleaming prisms of light give shape to an ethereal form more befitting of royalty than movie night. The way endless symmetrical prisms catch the light make this hoodie as fun to watch as it is to wear.

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A special thank you to everyone who competed in the 2022 Snap x Lenslist AR Fashion Month Challenge. Your passion for innovation and endless creativity are actively pushing the boundaries of fashion. From virtual try-on shopping experiences to AR-enhanced catwalks, we believe that the future of fashion is intrinsically linked to AR. That future belongs to everyone, which is why we’re so excited to partner with you
as we continue expanding fashion accessibility through AR innovation.

If you’re new to Snap AR, download Lens Studio and start building your own fashion and beauty Lenses with the help of our community forum.

We can’t wait to see what design trends you inspire next!