Wait’ll You See This

Snapchat Unveils Immersive Scannable AR Commercial

What if you could see the world in a more interesting way?

Or what if, rather than using your mind’s eye, you could see things with your eye’s mind?

To help people see the world through a different lens, Snapchat is launching a new Scannable Commercial and 360 campaign to bring the best of Snapchat out into the world where people are spending time together. Simply point your phone’s camera and scan any scene to unlock any of the AR experiences shown throughout the film. The commercial, which airs this weekend, features ten unlockable Lenses from creators like Denis Rossiev, Deej Drobo, and Marco Mesoraca that are sure to leave you feeling SHOOK.

How It Works
  1. Open Snapchat. 

  2. Point the camera at any frame of the commercial. 

  3. Press and hold your phone screen to scan.

  4. The rest is up to you! Shop, learn, dance, travel to space, or just turn the floor into beans.

A New World of Possibilities

The technology behind the magic — Scan — enables developers to turn any scene into a unique marker that the Snapchat Camera can recognize. And for Snapchatters, this breakthrough is an invitation to unlock a digital layer that’s more immersive, interactive, and fun — a way to create new memories to share with friends and family. For marketers and brands, this tech means a whole new level of storytelling is now possible. A show, commercial, social post, or billboard is no longer just an advertisement — it’s a deeply immersive and highly shareable experience. The best part? This technology can be applied to any visual media to activate a broad range of augmented reality experiences including shopping, gaming, and entertainment.

Try out the technology for yourself by scanning the images below!

Don’t have Snapchat? We’ve got you covered. Scan the QR code at the end of the commercial, and we’ll take care of the rest.