Lens Studio is already one of the most popular AR tools on the market and we’ve just given it a powerful upgrade with version 3.3. This release is focused on improving creator workflows by providing tools and resources that professional creators need. With Lens Studio 3.3, there is a wide variety of features that help save time and improve the quality of experiences:

My Lenses 2.0

Search and manage your Lenses with our newly enhanced Lens management tool. Not only do you now have the ability to manage your Lenses in web browsers outside the Lens Studio application, you can also quickly search for and easily monitor your Lens activity in one place. Toggle between personal and sponsored Lens accounts, see the status of your Lens, set Lens visibility, and add tags, Scan Triggers and Preview Videos within My Lenses 2.0.

Visual Scripting

Create custom interactivity using graphical, node-based scripting. No Code AR allows you to save time while building complex logic without the need to code.

Texture Compression

Pack richer assets for more compelling Lenses with Texture Compression. We listened to your feedback that compressing assets into the 4 MB Lens size can be tricky, especially when building Lenses for brands. So we've made it easier to compress textures right inside Lens Studio, allowing you to compare quality and size tradeoffs visually. The newly supported compression formatting will help your Lens load faster and use less RAM, creating a better experience for Snapchatters. 


Group, filter and search messages with our updated Logger, which will help streamline your workflow as you build and test your Lenses.

Building Blocks

Get started quickly on your next Lens experience with Building Blocks: downloadable assets and helper scripts that help you prototype, refine and add features to your Lens experiences. Check it out in our Additional Resources page on the Community Support Website.

New Templates

There are several templates to jumpstart your next Lens, including:

We’ve also made other improvements such as additional SnapML performance increases and bug fixes.

Within Lens Studio, your creative possibilities are virtually endless. Download Lens Studio 3.3 now and get started on your next Lens today!

Happy Creating,

Team Lens Studio