Snap AR Lensathon Winners Announced

This summer, Snap AR challenged top Lens Creators from around the world to build AR experiences that Snapchat’s global community would not only love, but would push the boundaries of Lens Studio’s creative capabilities. The results were nothing short of incredible. Submissions flooded in from around the world, offering millions of Snapchatters new and exciting ways to experience interactive play, wellness & fitness, education, and fashion. In all, 880 participants competed for $140,000 in prizes, showcasing their talent and expanding innovation across the AR landscape.
With so many incredible Lenses to choose from, our judging panel had their work cut out for them as they evaluated each entry on the following criteria: quality, implementation, impact, pitch, and wow factor.
The results are finally in — and with much excitement — we’re honored to announce the winners of Snap AR Lensathon 2022.

Global Overall 1st Place

The Knowledge Pool
by Michael French
Michael used Custom Landmarkers to transform the fountain at the Los Angeles Central Library into a magical platform for experiential education. Simply scan your library card with the Lens to learn about space, the ocean, and more, earn badges for completing learning activities, and receive book recommendations for continued learning. This cohesive AR learning ecosystem brings education to life through end-to-end interactive exploration. 

Education 1st Place

AR Coding Game
by Harry Banda
Equal parts education and entertainment, this logic puzzle utilizes Lens Studio’s scripting engine and textures to give students of all ages the opportunity to learn the basics of programming. The objective of the game is simple — use directional commands to move a rabbit across the platform to a carrot. As students progress through the game, they’ll be introduced to various programming concepts including loops, conditional logic, and sequences. 

Interactive Play 1st Place

Danger Bot
by Flat Pixel
This fast-paced multiplayer takes basketball to the next level, challenging players to toss balls into a robot’s head while dodging waves of dots. Danger Bot focuses on physicality and intense co-op team play, offering both remote and local multiplayer made possible through Connected Lens technology. 

Fashion 1st Place

Hybrid Jacket
by David Robustelli,
Leon Klein Breteler,
and Silvia Falcone
Enter the world of haute couture with this virtual try-on experience built with 3D models, textures, and scripts in Lens Studio. Use your rear camera to explore three different fashion portals, then switch to your front camera to try on each wardrobe. Designs were inspired by reusable physical materials and recyclable plastic items for an experience that is equal parts elegant and sustainable.

Wellness & Fitness 1st Place

Pump It Up
by Hart Woolery
Get pumped like never before with this guided fitness Lens. Choose from four different exercises and watch your muscles grow in real-time after each rep! Pump It Up’s 3D Body Mesh integration offers Snapchatters instant fitness results for extra motivation — just don’t forget to take a selfie!

Regional Winners

Congratulations to our five regional winners!

A special thank you to our global community of developers for making Snap AR Lensathon 2022 such a success. Your creativity is shaping an entire new generation of augmented reality. If you’re new to the Snap AR community and inspired by these award-winning Lenses, download Lens Studio and start building your own. Our community of experts would love to help you get started on your entry for next year’s Lensathon!