We’re excited to announce a suite of updated Lens Studio features designed to add new creative opportunities to your Lenses, including voice recognition, tracking abilities, improved Try On with body mesh tools, and more.

Features included in this release:


Introducing new Voice capabilities as part of Lens Studio, with enhanced features and boundary-breaking capabilities. Add a new dimension to your creative work, with natural language understanding and speech synthesis:

Speech and Command Recognition

Recognize and transcribe user speech to act on specific keywords, use speech to trigger specific AR effects, or to drive Lens UI.

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Text-To-Speech (TTS)

Convert inserted text to natural, human-like speech.

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System Voice Commands

Enable voice commands in Snapchat Lenses to add new layers of adaptability without needing to be near your phone or use both hands. Try ‘Take a Snap’ or ‘Record a Video.

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3D Hand Tracking

We can’t wait to see what Lens Creators will make with 3D Hand Tracking. For the first time, trigger and attach AR effects to hand movements in 3D, detect articulate finger movements, and interact with digital objects.

Try On

Our new Try On tool enables Lens Creators to automatically fit external meshes (like clothing) onto a tracked body, without a need for rigging. Snapchatters are all unique and don’t fit into one template, so we made a tool that’s inclusive for all body types and poses.

Improved Support for Rigged Meshes

Now, when you import a rigged mesh into Lens Studio, you can view and manipulate its joints directly in the viewport without needing to leave the app.

Upper Body Skin Segmentation

Apply specific textures and effects to upper body skin with new skin segmentation, which allows Lens Creators to exclude hair and clothing for more defined applications.

Improved Connected Lenses Testing

Creativity doesn’t happen in a silo. Now, you can offer feedback and spur new ideas during development by inviting other Lens Creators to join a Connected Lens session. Simply push an unsubmitted Lens to their paired account and start collaborating.

Whether it provides adaptive solutions or creative opportunities, each new feature and tool that comes out of Lens Studio is designed to empower Creators and inspire fresh new ideas. We can’t wait to see what you make with them.

- Lens Studio Team