We have a brand-new suite of Lens Studio updates to share with you. Beyond improvements, we are introducing new innovative features into Lens Studio.

New features and updates included in this release:

SDF Generator

Our development team has been hard at work integrating a Signed Distance Field (SDF) Generator into Lens Studio. This presents exciting opportunities, including the ability to create collision and volumetric effects within Lenses. 

Specifically, we’re releasing a VFX Collision Template along with the following three SDF assets: SDF Visualizer Material for inspecting an SDF texture, SDF Slicer to slice a 3D object, and SDF Volumetric Glitter VFX for scattering particles with an SDF volume. 

We hope you enjoy this new toolset that further enhances how particles interact with objects in your Lens.

Media Picker

Our updated Media Picker is an extension of the Image Picker, enabling you to select videos from your Camera Roll within a Lens. Along with the Media Picker, we’ve introduced the new Green Screen Template to support video files for an infinite amount of custom Lens backgrounds.

3D Text

Give your words added depth, literally, with 3D Text. You can now create Lenses with interactive, 3D text that supports custom materials and a massive amount of style options.

We love getting to share updates with the Snap AR Community. It’s a chance to not only show off our team’s hard work, but we also get to start imagining the exciting places you’ll take these exciting new features. There’s plenty of more to come. Stay tuned.

- Lens Studio Team