Unlock Creative Freedom with New Cloud Storage

Lens Cloud - Remote Assets

Immersive and innovative AR experiences often require more data and larger assets. That’s why we’re excited to launch the Lens Cloud - Remote Assets feature, enabling you to store up to 25MB of content (10MB per asset) in the cloud and remotely fetch and load assets into your Lens at run time. 
Remote Assets extends file size restrictions and unlocks creative freedom. Now you can use more assets in a Lens without quality degradation — making it possible to create richer, more complex experiences. Soon you’ll be able to swap in new assets at any time, allowing you to refresh an experience and save time on development because you won’t have to remake or build a new Lens. You’ll be able to keep your AR experiences fresh and new throughout the year and drive retention of existing content.
Prior to the launch of Remote Assets, if a project was over the Lens size limit, you only had two options: either remove the asset if it wasn’t critical to the experience or resize the image to lower its RAM usage and re-submit. Now you can utilize our Lens Cloud service to host assets of larger sizes outside of the Lens, and then load them in at run time.
With more room for creativity, what will you create?
Check out the educational outreach Lens the New York City Department of Environmental Protection built utilizing Remote Assets. Their Botanica Lens enables park goers to learn about local flora by planting and caring for native species in AR. With Spatial Persistence, these plantings persist so that future visitors can enjoy the flowers and learn about the local ecology.
Remote Assets isn’t the only Lens Studio 4.31 update we’re excited about.
Read on to learn about other features guaranteed to add enhanced realism and localization to your Lenses.


Canvas is a new component in Lens Studio that enables users to lay out content on a 2D plane and place that 2D plane anywhere in 3D space (instead of only placing 2D elements directly in world space). This functionality is highly relevant for world-anchored content and wearables.

Physics Enhancements

Create Lenses with more authentic interactions between AR objects and the world around them. Additions to Lens Studio’s Physics system include Collision Meshes (static and animated), Face and Body Tracking Meshes, and World Mesh.

City-Scale AR:
Los Angeles & Santa Monica

With City-Scale AR, you can build compelling AR experiences with templates covering specific cities and neighborhoods around the world. In our latest Lens Studio release, we’ve expanded City-Scale’s reach by adding Los Angeles and Santa Monica so you can start building AR experiences unique to these two locations.