Unveiling Footwear Segmentation, Script Modules, and Support for gITF Extensions

Our latest Lens Studio update unlocks creative self-expression and enhanced customization while simplifying the Lens building process for a more intuitive, powerful experience. This release, we’re excited to introduce Footwear Segmentation to Lens Studio’s robust roster of creative capabilities, along with two features that streamline the Lens creation process: Script Modules and Support for glTF Extensions. Learn more about our latest release below and be sure to check back for more exciting features and updates!

Footwear Segmentation

Developers can now create even more detailed shoe renderings and add their creative touch to footwear just as they’ve done with body, hair, and face masking. Create footwear that wows with effects like changing colors, bursting movements, and audio reactive elements — all possible with a user-friendly template.

Script Modules

Lens Studio now supports Script Modules in the Common JavaScript format. By adopting this industry standard, and providing support for it in Lenses, professional JS development is now possible. Find a dedicated Script Modules category in Lens Studio’s Asset Library!

Support for gITF Extensions

glTF is an industry-wide file format standard for 3D models. Now with support in Lens Studio, developers can easily import and display these models within their Lenses. The gITF PBR extensions now accepted are transmission, clear-coat, and unlit extensions.