In our latest evolution of Lens Studio, we’re unveiling several exciting new developments across leading capabilities in Human 3D, Body Tracking, and Voice ML. These include 3D Bitmoji with Body Tracking, coding capabilities for more detailed AR creations, and new offerings for text-to-voice expression.

Your creative vision, and the process behind it, is at the forefront of every Lens Studio technical capability. Every adaptation, expansion, and new feature powers new opportunities to create in AR.

Code Node

Material Editor and VFX Editor in Lens Studio allow users to easily create materials and particle systems in a visual way by connecting nodes together. However, this can be time-consuming when making advanced effects that require hundreds of connections or complex logic. Code Node solves this problem by letting developers write device-safe shader code directly in the graph, unlocking new capabilities and performance enhancements that were previously impossible using just nodes. Developers working with materials will now be able to create incredible new effects that were not possible before.

3D Bitmoji with Body Tracking

Introducing customizable 3D Bitmojis. Now not only can you bring your avatar to life in 3D, the new Bitmoji Custom Component connects with Body Tracking so that your Bitmoji’s neck, arms, and legs reflect their position in real life and better represent themselves within the virtual world. As a result, you will have much more to work with in terms of expression, interaction, personalization, and impact.

Automated Voice Style Selector

This new feature offers creators and developers enhanced capabilities for storytelling and story-reacting in AR. The selector takes text strings and outputs them as speech that corresponds with the best matching vocalized sentiment of the original text (anger, fear, joy, sadness, or neutral). Developers can insert text phrases and the VoiceML model will automatically find the best matching tone of sentiment and select the most fitting voice style to read this text out loud.