The most exciting thing about augmented reality is that it’s always expanding. New technology and innovations are pushing the boundaries further and further for creative professionals, and at Snap AR, we get the privilege of seeing it happen in real time. That’s why we’re so excited to announce the latest release of Lens Studio updates. We’re adding new tools to expand our platform’s creative offerings and open up new opportunities for imagination, utility, and collaboration. 

Here’s what’s included in the latest release.


We’re excited to announce that we’re bringing the Snapchat Sounds library into Lens Studio! Now, you can add licensed music and audio to your Lenses, browse through millions of different options, and make custom selections in the Asset Library. The full library includes artists from all major labels, along with thousands of rising stars just waiting to be discovered. It’s never been easier to add a great soundtrack to your Lenses.


Make a greater impact with your Lenses—literally—using integrated Physics in Lens Studio. The new system allows digital objects in AR to interact with real-world characteristics like gravity, velocity, mass, acceleration. Dynamically simulate realistic effects with components like Colliders (sphere, box, capsule, and mesh), Rigid Body, and Constraints.

API Library

We’ve introduced an API Library in the Lens Studio Asset library, which gives Lens Developers access to application programming interfaces, or APIs, from third parties. Developers can now collaborate alongside partners to create brand-new shopping, entertainment, and utility-based Lenses. To kick things off, we’ve launched Lens Templates with partners in cryptocurrency, translation, stock markets, and weather, showing just a few of the massive opportunities possible with our API Library. Expect more to come!

World Mesh

Build more realistic world-facing experiences—without the need for a hardware sensor—using our enhanced World Mesh feature. Now, Lens Creators can use depth information and world geometry to reconstruct their environment directly through Lenses, allowing for more realistic and effective object placement. This feature works with ARKit, ARCore, and non-LiDAR devices.

Updated VoiceML

Our enhanced VoiceML feature just got a few highly anticipated updates. We’ve added several new voice styles and a configurable pace feature so you can adjust playback speed in Lens Studio.

We’d like to thank the Snap AR community for making the most of our innovative tools and features. We may be behind the tech, but it’s you who bring it to life—and we can’t wait to see what you’ll do with these new features, too!