Lens Fest 2021

Even with the massive attendance we saw this year, the face-to-face moments never got lost in the crowd. Poet Rumi wrote, “You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean in a drop.” Every single person in our community brings their own perspective and talent to events like Lens Fest — their own little oceans — and that’s what made the experience so incredible. We loved individually connecting with creative professionals to learn how they’re pushing the boundaries of AR —  along with their own creative boundaries. Those are the moments that always stand out.

On that note, we’d like to thank you for making Lens Fest 2021 bigger and better than ever. This year we featured presenters from around the world. You had the opportunity to connect in meetups, experience live demos, and learn from some of the brightest minds in AR. 

And, if we haven’t mentioned our talented community enough, we’ve got one more shoutout. Be sure to read about our Lens Fest Awards recipients and check out their Lens creations. Nominees were selected from nine different categories, and it’s inspiring to see what they came up with. Don’t miss it! 

Meet the Lens of the Year Award Recipients

The inaugural Lens Fest Awards were a spectacular end to Lens Fest 2021 and the perfect way for us to celebrate the year’s AR innovations. Our Snap AR team was honored to select the recipients! We chose a Lens of the Year from each of the nine categories. Let’s meet the creators and their award-winning Lenses now! Click on each to try the Lens for yourself.

Environmental and Social Good

The Lens that puts people or the planet above all else.

Lens of the Year:

Bleached Seas by Helena Papageorgiou

Inform and Educate

The Lens that raises awareness for important causes or fosters knowledge.

Lens of the Year:

Blacksoul Gallery by Leighton McDonald

Fashion and Beauty

The face, beauty, or fashion Lens that helps showcase style and personality.

Lens of the Year:


Art and Expression

The Lens centered around self-expression, music, and dance, plus all the feels that come with them.

Lens of the Year:

¡Vendedores, Presente! by Sallia Goldstein

Games and Entertainment

The Lens that incorporates games, engages, or entertains.

Lens of the Year:

PONK by Aidan Wolf


The Lens that helps users learn valuable, real-world skills.

Lens of the Year:

Food Menu by Brielle Garcia


The Lens that best showcases a second-to-none Lens Studio skill set.

Lens of the Year:

Jig Kitchen How-To by JigSpace


The Lens that showcases experimental and unique concepts in an eye-catching way.

Lens of the Year:

Rock Hand by 2020CV


The Lens that best displays outside-the-box thinking and ingenuity.

Lens of the Year:

SKIN THIEF by Denis Rossiev

Thanks to all of our nominees, finalists, and award recipients for continuously pushing the boundaries of AR and paving the way for future creators. We appreciate you all!

And that should do it for 2021! From the Snap AR team, we’d like to thank you for making it such an incredible year, and we can’t wait to see what 2022 brings. See you then.

— Snap AR Team