September 21, 2023
September 21, 2023

Check Out This Month’s Lens Creator Rewards Program Winners

We are so excited to announce that Snap AR’s Lens Creator Rewards Program is officially underway! Build a top-performing Lens on Snapchat, and you could receive monthly rewards up to 7,200 USD. Creators in the US, India, and Mexico are eligible to participate, and new winners are announced every month. Check out the inaugural class of winning Lenses from August — and be sure to submit your best Lenses by September 30 to be considered for the next round of rewards!

Same Color

Michael Porter
Top Ranked: US

Put your color perception to the test with Michael Porter’s innovative Same Color Lens. Manually toggle the red, green, and blue sliding scales until you think you’ve matched the color on screen — you’ll get a score based on your performance.

“I enjoy building Lenses for clients, but I’m also really glad the Lens Creator Rewards Program offers financial support for us to really explore AR and express our creativity.”

Sushi Snag

DB Creations
Top Ranked: US

Test your reaction time with this tongue-twisting Lens from DB Creations. Compete for high scores by sticking out your tongue to snag sushi off a rotating counter. Be warned, though — this Lens is a recipe for serious giggles. 

“We thought it would be fun to use the tongue as a controller. After hitting on that, I thought of an old N64 mini game where you would run around eating sushi, and that was the initial inspiration for Sushi Snag!”

Virtual Wardrobe

Julia Wetterdal
Top Ranked: US

Transform any space into your very own runway with the Virtual Wardrobe Lens. Julia Wetterdal’s AR experience enables you to try on a range of styles in seconds — making AR fashion fun, easy, and more shareable than ever.

Cheese Buff

Phil Walton
Top Ranked: US

Who knew cheese puffs were the fastest way to a six-pack? Legendary creator Phil Walton is back at it again with his new Cheese Buff Lens. Send a cheesy greeting to friends while looking like an absolute snack — just don’t forget to smile! 

“I’m very grateful that Snap AR cares this much about the creator community to help us continue to do what we love. I know as word gets out, it will build excitement for other creators to participate.”

Chandrayaan 3

Jeetesh Singh
Top Ranked: India

Channel your inner astronaut with Jeetesh Singh’s new, out-of-this-world Lens, Chandrayaan 3. Once you’ve successfully landed your lunar spacecraft, explore the extraterrestrial surroundings with your very own moon rover. The Lens doubles as an astronomical exploration as well as a fun nod to India’s space program.

Saanp Seedi Game

Pratyush Gupta
Top Ranked: India

Try your hand at Pratyush Gupta’s Snapchat adaptation of the globally loved, classic board game Saanp Seedi, also known as Snakes and Ladders. Roll the dice and make your way up the board using ladders — just watch out for snakes!

Sweet Alien

Top Ranked: India

Add some “outer spice” to your next Snap with this intergalactic Lens from Saetenation. Whether you’re capturing a spooky Halloween moment or just a cute selfie, the Sweet Alien Lens makes every occasion more fun and festive!


Mohana Priya
Top Ranked: India

Mehndi, also known as henna, is a popular form of body art that uses special dyes to temporarily tattoo the skin. Bring this breathtaking tradition to life in augmented reality with Mohana Priya’s Mehndi Lens.

Nail Art

Sarah Fontinele
Top Ranked: Mexico

Own the moment with this chic, nail-art try-on Lens from Sarah Fontinele. Pair these gorgeous, iridescent nails with any outfit and share a Snap that’s guaranteed to turn heads.

“When I started working with augmented reality, I always tried to do things that made me feel better and more powerful.”

Tic Tac Toe Time!

Top Ranked: Mexico

Sometimes the simplest games are the most entertaining. Rameenaaa has brought one of the most beloved classics to Snapchat with her augmented reality adaptation of tic-tac-toe. See which of your friends is the cleverest with this two-player game of wits.

Top 5 Animals

Top Ranked: Mexico

Inspired by the “Top 5” trend taking over social, Baruch’s Top 5 Animals Lens is a fun way to rank your favorite critters and share the experience with friends. Give your gang a sneak peek into your personality and interests with this shareable game. 

“I think the Lens Creator Rewards Program is a fantastic initiative. It not only recognizes the efforts of creators like me but also motivates us to keep innovating and creating compelling Lenses for Snapchat.”