Jam Out to These New Music Lenses, Then Create Your Own!

Consider this Lens Drop a mic drop. This month we’re putting the spotlight on the universal language of music. From rock and pop to classical, hip-hop, and jazz, there are countless ways to express yourself through music. So we put Lens Creators’ skills to the test and called for Lenses that highlighted the beats, sounds, and rhythms that connect us all.

Want to create your own music video? “Feel The Beat” is a new Lens that puts you in creative control. Select and layer different instruments — from brass to piano — to develop your own sound and watch as each instrument activates visual effects to complete your aesthetic.

The beat doesn’t stop there. Try community Lenses like “Acoustic Guitar” by Wasim Ghole, which provides a 6-string guitar for you to play, sing along with, and record. Or, transport into Harry Styles’ latest album cover with the “Harrys House” Lens, created using the Sound Library feature in Lens Studio.

Snap the Drop and explore Lens Studio to build your own music Lenses — and don’t forget to share what you create!

But first, check out our interview with Lens Creator Wasim Ghole where we discuss how he developed his “Acoustic Guitar” Lens, what tools he used in Lens Studio, and who in the community inspires him.

How did you choose the music and instruments used for this Lens?
Wasim: Guitars are capable of producing a wide range of sound that can be incredibly soothing. I wanted to make an instrumental Lens on Snapchat, so I downloaded 6-string noises and placed them on the strings of an acoustic guitar.  

What was the inspiration behind your Lens? 
Wasim: I love music and I had always thought of making something music-related in Lens Studio. Guitar is the second most popular musical instrument and my personal favorite, so that’s what inspired me to build this Lens.

How do you envision people using your Lens?
Wasim: I imagine users sending musical Snaps to their friends and family by recording their voice while singing and playing the guitar.

What tools did you use in Lens Studio to bring this Lens to life?
Wasim: I utilized an amazing template from Lens Studio called Soundboard. This template features a set of buttons that trigger a different sound of your choice. This tool helped me make the strumming possible on my Lens.

Has this inspired you to create more music-themed Lenses?
Wasim: Definitely. After this Lens, I made two more instrumental Lenses named “Play Drums” and “Play Piano” using the same Soundboard template.

Can you name a few Lens Creators who inspire you?
Wasim: Mike (Modelsbymike3d), whose tutorials educate and help creators. I’m also inspired by CyreneQs creativity and Denis Rossiev (enuriru), who produces one-of-a-kind, completely unique Lenses.

What do you like most about the Snap community?
Wasim: The Snap community is made up of the most talented, creative, and helpful people who inspire each other to create amazing AR experiences. Creators come from all over the world and I get a lot to learn from them as everyone has their own unique style. Snap AR has always encouraged creators by providing them opportunities to unleash their creativity in the best way possible.