Celebrate Your BFFs with These New Friendship Day Lenses

Our latest Lens Drop puts the spotlight on International Friendship Day with a whole collection of Lenses designed to help you celebrate your closest friends. 

How well do you know your besties? Put your knowledge to the test with “My Friend Is” — an interactive quiz Lens that invites you to describe your friends and share what you love most about them. Simply tilt your head to select from a list of personality traits and then share the results with your friends group to see what they think!

We also tapped into our Lens Creator community to develop even more ways to show your friends some love. Explore community Lenses like “Friendship Gift” by Wasim Ghole, which allows you to send your friends a special holiday greeting for International Friendship Day. Then grab a buddy and check out “Best Friend” by Faris, which you can experience with your friend by your side. “My Lovely Friends” and “Paired Bitmoji” recognize your best pals through Bitmoji-inspired murals and stickers, while “Who’s On Your Mind?” and “Friendship Duration” offer unique ways to highlight your besties.

Snap the Drop to share these BFF-certified Lenses with your friends. Then if you’re feeling creative, explore Lens Studio to build your own friendship Lenses — and don’t forget to share what you create!

But first, check out our interview below with Lens Creator Faris, where we discuss the friendships that inspired him to make his “Best Friend” Lens and his creative process for developing it in Lens Studio.

How did you develop the idea for this Lens?
Faris: I wanted to develop a way to express love and friendship through AR and capture the radiance inside all of us.

What friend did you have in mind while creating it?
Faris: This friend is very close to me. I hadn’t seen him since last year but we’ve been reunited and I’m so happy to have him back by my side.

What tools did you use in Lens Studio to create your Lens?
Faris: I used Material Editor and added Head Binding, Screen Image, and objects from Sketchfab.  

How do you hope people will interact with your Lens?
Faris: I hope they use it to try and put a smile on their friends’ faces, to show love, and express what that friend means to them. 

Name a few other Lens Creators that you are close with and why they inspire you.
Faris: top_x2, i-ox, and TTT. We share information and experience with each other and have developed trust, appreciation, and respect for one another. It helps spark inspiration.