The latest Lens Studio update lets you reimagine what it means to move. With the arrival of 2D Full Body Tracking, you can now create Lenses that move with your entire body. In technical terms, this means you’ll have the ability to track 18 joints and trigger effects based on those body movements - legs included! This feature will be especially useful as you level up your next dance challenge, workout tutorial, or whatever’s keeping you moving these days!

New Templates

Full Body Triggers

Trigger effects based on full skeletal tracking poses and points’ positions.

Full Body Attachments

Attach objects to (and around) users’ joints.

Snap Star x Official Lens Creator Partnerships

To debut this new technology, we paired 4 Official Lens Creators with 4 Snap Stars and asked them to develop bespoke 2D Full Body TrackingLenses that reflect their individual styles.

Try their Lenses:

  • Star Burst by Jalaiah Harmon and Jye Trudinger

  • Be you by Sarati and Robin Delaporte

  • Alone by Loren Grey and Max van Leeuwen

  • Be Happy by Dixie D'Amelio and Abbas Sajad

We hope these updates will inspire you to keep innovating, iterating, and doing what you do best. Whether you’re busting a move or crushing a workout, Lens Studio is always looking to help elevate your AR vision. As always, we can’t wait to see what you create.

Team Lens Studio