Highlights of this release include:

Lens Size Limit Increase

You asked, and we listened. The Lens size limit is now increased from 4MB to 8MB allowing you to build larger and more complex Lens experiences.

Lens Text Localization

Allow your Lens to be more accessible to the global community with Text Localization. With this update, you can add your own localized text assets to Lens Studio from a JSON file. With Snap Supported Languages, text is guaranteed to render correctly within Snapchat.

Text Localization Template

Upper Garment Segmentation

Enable multi-person garment segmentation like shirts, vests, coats, hoodies, and dresses. The Upper Garment Segmentation template allows for garments to be designed via drag and drop to allow for limitless creativity and streamlined workflows.

Upper Garment Segmentation Template

Multi-Object Detection

Utilize Scan’s ML model within SnapML to detect where certain objects appear in the camera and add visual effects. With this model, you can now detect cups, cars, cats, tvs, dogs, potted plants and bottles.

 Multi-Object Detection Template

Order Independent Transparency

Enable accurate rendering of complex semi-transparent objects with Order Independent Transparency. Leveraging this feature, overlapping and intersecting transparent objects can now be automatically sorted, creating higher realism and more believable experiences in your Lenses. 

Order Independent Transparency Guide

Our latest update provides the intuitive tools for designing complex, new AR experiences at your fingertips. We can’t wait to see what you create. 

- Lens Studio Team

For more information on Lens Studio 4.1, please refer to Lens Studio 4.1 Release Notes.