The Future of Shopping Is Here

Online shopping has always had its share of challenges, but now, Snap AR is making the experience more accessible than ever. These days, you can express your style and find the perfect look without leaving your house by using AR technology and custom Lenses for any look, any fit, any body type — anywhere.

Our Favorites


By Prada

Using gesture recognition capabilities, Snapchatters swiped through different purses and checked out when they were ready to buy.

Farfetch Off-White

By farfetch

Through voice-enabled controls, millions of people explored a full lineup of jackets from Off-White just by saying the color they liked best.


By Zenni Optical

Using true-size technology, Snapchatters tried on eyewear and accessories in the Zenni Lens that looked identical to the brand’s physical items.

Revolutionizing Our World With AR

Snapchat is the perfect testing ground for exciting new advancements in AR. Using some of Snap AR’s most innovative technology, Lens creators were able to provide incredible experiences that pushed the boundaries of entertainment, accessibility, and utility-based AR creations.

Our Favorites


By Snapchat

Using AI from SignAll, Snapchatters tracked hand movements to translate American Sign Language, making it easier than ever to learn common words, phrases, and even their name.

Reimagining Road Trips With AR

By Lauren Cason

Through her Spectacles innovation, Lauren Cason transformed the way people read road signs and experienced their environment.

The Final Christo: Original Works for the Arc de Triomphe

By Snapchat

This Portal Lens lets Snapchatters experience artistic representations of the iconic landmark in Paris — from anywhere in the world.

What’s Poppin’

There are cultural moments — and then there are cultural moments born out of Snap AR. Some of the year’s biggest trends and touchstones were completely transformed by technology, bringing people together in brand-new ways.

Our Favorites

Little Bernie

By Amélie Tremblay

We all know Bernie Sanders’s cross-armed inauguration stance, and Amélie Tremblay’s Lens creation allowed users to place him anywhere they wanted.

Squid Game

By ru.ian

Ian Runge’s ingenious Lenses, inspired by Netflix’s “Squid Game,” generated tens of millions of impressions, riding the wave of the smash-hit series.

3D Cartoon

By Snapchat

Who wouldn’t want to be a cartoon? This year, Snapchatters had a new favorite animated character – themselves! – and viewed the Lens more than 7 billion times.

AR for Good

If we know one thing about the Snapchat Generation, it’s that they care for people and the planet. Using Snap AR’s innovative technology, our community was able to bring attention to the causes they cared about most in 2021.

Our Favorites

Run for Office

By Snapchat

By simply declaring, “I want to run for office,” Snapchatters were connected to the resources needed to launch a campaign using voice activation technology.

Song for Charlie

Song for Charlie

Along with non-profit charity Song for Charlie, these Lenses raised awareness of the dangers of fentanyl and counterfeit pills, encouraging Snapchatters to take the “No Random Pills” pledge.

Bleached Seas

Helena Papageorgiou

Using AR technology, Helena Papageorgiou highlighted the global impacts of climate change and its effect on our ocean’s ecosystems.

Turn Up the Volume

We hit a high note with Sounds on Snapchat in 2021, with more than 1.2 million Snaps created and 77 billion views since the feature launched last year using our new music library. Through Sounds, we’re changing the way people listen to, experience, and discover new music.

Our Favorites

Sour, Olivia Rodrigo

By Olivia Rodrigo

As if her hits couldn’t get any bigger, the Lens, featuring Olivia Rodrigo’s “Sour,” stole the hearts of many on Snapchat.

Una Nota, J Balvin

Jose Osorio Balvin

The “Una Nota” Lens was made by Bink and later added as a Lens available on J Balvin’s Snap Star profile.

Big Poppa, Notorious B.I.G.

By Christopher Wallace

Another hit from Bink, this Lens helped Snapchatters fall in love with the genius of Notorious B.I.G., taking “Big Poppa” to new heights.

That’s a wrap for 2021!

These are just a few of the millions of incredible Lenses we experienced over the past year, and we wish we could highlight all of them. Thank you so much for being a valued member of the Snap AR community, and keep those creations coming in 2022.