We believe in making AR creation accessible to all kinds of creators.
In this latest update, we’ve made it easier to find the specific template or Material Editor Node you need with new search bars, so you can get to creating faster than ever before. We also extended capabilities with our Face Mesh and Hand Tracking features to allow for hand segmentation and tracking against an entire skull as compared to just one’s face.   
We hope the new Start Screen search function can help you find exciting new templates for:
  • Hand Segmentation - Segment an image against your hand, as well as occlude things behind hands. This template also demonstrates how you can use hand gestures to control effects around a segmented hand.
  • Behavior Script - Learn how you can use the Behavior Helper Script to set up different effects and interactions through a dropdown menu. You can choose different triggers like face or touch interactions, and respond to them with effects like enabling objects, playing tweens, and more!
Then be sure to check out the Templates page to find three downloadable templates for Head Mesh that help you learn more about our new skull property in the Face Mesh asset, which allows you to track a user’s whole head shape.
Our templates make it easy for beginners and experts alike to get acquainted with new Lens Studio features. They also cut down on the overall creation time of Lenses.  But they’re really just the beginning of what you can make. 
As always, keep us posted on what you create in the Community Forum. If you haven’t already, follow us on Twitter and Youtube for creator spotlights, tutorials and countless other resources. If you’re reading this, you’re already a part of our AR-obsessed family. 
Also! Don’t forget to keep checking this blog. There’s always big, exciting, augmented things ahead. 
Happy Creating!
Team Lens Studio