The powerful new capabilities in Lens Studio 4.0 include:

Next-Gen Particle System: VFX Editor
Develop stunning visual effects without writing any code. Using the node-based particle simulation engine from Lens Studio, you’re able to direct and transform on-screen objects up to one million particles at a time. 
More Contextual: Powerful Scan
Built-in object recognition makes development of contextual triggers intuitive and smooth. Rather than having to create your own SnapML models, build experiences that work with the 500+ object categories already housed within Scan.
Form-Fitting: Multi-Body 3D Mesh
Transform human movement into original artwork. This industry-defining Lens technology wraps people in a virtual mesh that allows body motion—including intricate hand movements––to become your creative inspiration. Capture two people simultaneously, even if objects are partially obstructing the camera’s view.
Multi-Sensory Experiences: SnapML Audio
Sound is power. Create sophisticated, multi-sensory interactions with audio-activated Lenses. SnapML Audio identifies and reacts to human speech, ambient noise, music, and thousands of everyday sounds that you can use to trigger effects.
Shared Experiences: Connected Lenses
Build new worlds for people to share. Connected Lenses allow multiple people to play, explore, plan, build, and dream together, regardless of distance apart. Develop shared state, real-time interaction, and co-located sessions all within a single AR space. (This feature is currently in beta.) 
Evolved Movement: Hair Simulation
Create visionary styles with Hair Simulation. Customize colors, textures, length, and even simulate wind with realistic modelling that replicates hair physics and interacts with the face and body. For added versatility, import customized styles. 
Advanced Fashion: Cloth Simulation
Incorporate realistic textiles into your Lens designs with Cloth Simulation. Progressive, physics-based rendering means virtual fabrics look and move like the real thing. Experiment with innovative patterns and textures or stick to the basics. 
Guided Insights: Analytics 2.0

Track your creative impact with Analytics 2.0, the most intuitive Lens Studio informational analysis available. Insights help you learn more about your audience, what holds their attention, and how your Lenses are used in Snapchat. Create more relevant content and iterate on your Lenses to reach your development goals. 
Lens Studio 4.0 allows you to channel raw imagination through refined AR developer tools. The foundation of the future starts here. We can’t wait to see what you create. 
- Lens Studio Team