A collaboration between Snap AR and ComplexCon couldn’t be more perfect. As a hub for culture, fashion, and creativity, it’s a summit for celebrating the best of what people can create—and to show the capabilities for AR in both virtual and in-person events.

ComplexCon has, in the past, been an in-person-only event, a festival designed to bring together brands, people, and trends for two days of shopping, talks, performances, and more. After a completely virtual event called ComplexLand in 2020, the festival is now merging both applications for an augmented festival, bringing physical and virtual worlds together for an unforgettable experience.

That’s where Snap AR comes in. We’re the first and only partner to join ComplexCon to create a one-of-a-kind augmented reality experience for their attendees. Using the brilliant brains from our community and the innovative tools in Snap AR, we’ve created three incredible ways to experience the 2021 festival November 6-7.

Drop Zone Lens

Be the first to cop the drop at ComplexCon 2021. Through our Drop Zone Lens, we’re merging ComplexCon with ComplexLand, giving attendees a brand-new way to interact with the festival and unlock exclusive retail 'product drops' from the most coveted streetwear, sneaker and luxury home goods brands around the world. Using the front-facing camera on Snapchat, you can explore a virtual map of the conference floor. When it’s time for a drop, the map will highlight four different Drop Zones indicating where you’ll need to be to access the drop.

Using the rear-facing camera on Snapchat, scan glyphs on totems in each Drop Zone to access immersive augmented reality recreations of the most popular ComplexLand locations. Within this Lens, you’ll need to find a special code in order to access the exclusive AR drop events and giveaways.

Celebration Lens

Were you lucky enough to scan the totem and cop the drop? We’ve created a Lens for ComplexCon attendees at the event to celebrate their raffle entries and purchases throughout the festival. 

Once an attendee enters a raffle or makes a purchase, they'll receive a special link to this celebratory Lens to share with friends (for bragging rights purposes of course!). The Lens also updates in real-time with names and images of items that are specifically purchased by each person, and showcases graphic hints as to which Drop Zone activated the retail drop so you can go back for more!

Gift Shop Try On Lens

To bring the experience alive outside the walls of the festival, Snap developed an AR Try-On Lens that allows Snapchatters from anywhere in the world to browse, try-on & purchase items from the ComplexCon Gift Shop during designated times of the day. 

Seize the opportunity to purchase products like: GPK’s Complex Colin Hoodie, Distortedd’s S/S Tee, and Greg Mike’s Polaroid camera. Use hand-gestures to switch between products and voice recognition to take a Snap and share with friends. Try it Now.

ComplexCon represents an exciting future for augmented reality. It’s always been an incredible in-person event, and through Snap AR, we couldn’t be happier to help bring it into the virtual realm. Experience the best in culture, fashion, and music in an entirely new way through the power of Snap AR. We can’t wait to see you there.

Special thanks to our Snap Lens Network Partners, Go Spooky, for partnering with Complex and Snap teams to build these Lenses.