Snap AR Brings

PAC-MAN to Life

at Comic-Con

For decades, PAC-MAN has been loved by millions all over the world. As an iconic franchise, it was only fitting the legendary game would make its jump from the arcade to AR. So during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, we collaborated with the Comic-Con Museum and AR creator Hart Woolery to develop the “We AR PAC-MAN” Lens — an immersive AR experience celebrating the legacy of this classic game.

At the Comic-Con Museum, visitors have already been able to explore a dedicated PAC-MAN exhibit that delves into the game’s history and pop culture status. This year we reimagined that space and created designated areas that brought PAC-MAN gameplay into the real world through AR.

Players launch the Lens through their mobile phones, instantly turning their current environment into a life-size PAC-MAN maze. As players move throughout the maze, their phones serve as maps to help them collect dots while avoiding ghosts. The best part? As players weave and dart, PAC-MAN follows along as a built-in sidekick!

Courtney Gant, senior director of advancement at the Comic-Con Museum, expressed how augmented reality can enhance a visitor’s experience. “My job is to make this museum accessible to everyone,” she says, “and we know that through AR we can do that.”

Lens Creator Hart Woolery is no stranger to the impact AR can have. His company, 2020CV, produces AR experiences that leverage advanced tools and effects to create innovative projects, like the new “We AR PAC-MAN” Lens. 

“The inspiration behind this Lens was using the foundation of the original PAC-MAN game to build something new,” says Woolery. “AR brings a lot of new visual effects into the real world. We’re able to democratize these effects so that anyone can use them.”

This Lens leverages the effects of Lens Studio’s World Tracking feature, allowing Woolery to place PAC-MAN content in the real world and render the maze around the player.

Thanks to an exciting merger of AR, gaming, and pop culture, PAC-MAN fans can now experience their favorite franchise through an entirely new Lens — forming deeper, richer connections with the game they love. 

To create your own AR gaming experience, download Lens Studio and start building with the help of our community forum!