Discover May’s Top Snapchat Lenses!

The results are in! Check out this past month’s Lens Creator Rewards Program winners, and explore the viral Community Lenses winning big on Snapchat. Be sure to submit your best work by June 30 for this month’s chance at rewards. Plus, learn how we’ve updated the Lens Creator Rewards Program to add clarity around rewards criteria and provide better analytics for maximizing your Lens performance! 

Quick reminder: Below is just a sampling of the many top-performing Lenses that earned rewards this past month. We couldn’t fit all the winners in one blog post!

A yellow rubber ducky Lens.

Erdem the Duck


The perfect accompaniment to bath time, Erdem’s eponymous rubber duck Lens is everything that’s right with the world: cute, funny and, most importantly, shiny. Kudos to Erdem on his attention to detail — the facial tracking on this ducky is squeaky clean!

Sigma Face


Check out the chiseled jawline on s0w_night’s Sigma Face Lens. It turns out mewing pays off after all! Take your silhouette to the next level with this dashingly mysterious Lens inspired by Gen Z meme culture. Whether you’re more sigma or downright skibidi, this internet treasure is guaranteed to get a rise out of the Group Chat. Please enjoy responsibly.

Shoe Ranking

SoFunny Vidz

Calling all sneakerheads! It’s officially your time to shine with SoFunny Vidz’s Shoe Ranking Lens. Rate an assortment of footwear from one to ten — from Jordans and Crocs, to heels and rollerskates. Be sure to share and compare with friends to see how your fashion tastes line up!


Allan Gregorio

🎵 You were a mall rat / She was a prom queen 🎵Punk is back, baby! Let everyone know how you’re feeling with Allan’s Emo Lens, fully equipped with jet-black eyeliner and edgy facial piercings.

Throw Paper Plane!

Simon QR

How good is your arm? Test your skills with Simon QR’s Throw Paper Plane! Lens. But remember, this one’s not just about the muscle — you need technique, too! Time the release just right and you're bound to soar to a high score. Pro tip: aim for a launch pad to multiply your distance.

Create Your Look

Niko Hestia

Who’s ready for a makeover? Niko’s innovative beauty Lens uses a color palette randomizer to help you try on fun, new looks. Get inspiration for your next outing and test-drive unique shades with zero commitment. The best part? Each time you use the Lens, you get a totally different look!

Stack Ball

Witty City

Part puzzle and part dexterity challenge, Witty City’s new brainteaser is packed with entertainment value. Maneuver revolving ledges to pass a bouncy ball down from level to level while collecting golden keys. But watch out — hit the wrong color ledge and you’ll be bounced right back to the start.

Haggard Face


Take yourself down a few notches with J W’s very humbling Haggard Face Lens. With those droopy eyes and dark circles, we consider this gem the exact opposite of a beauty filter. Whether it’s final exams or overtime shifts, let your friends know you’ve been through the wringer with this hilarious creation. Now go get some sleep!

Hue Challenge

Ines Hilz

Test your color perception with Ines’s popular, new Hue Challenge Lens. Select the one dot from each grid that’s a different shade from all the others. The game may seem easy at first, but wait until the grid gets bigger with each successive stage! Don’t worry if you fail — we can’t all be interior designers!

Don’t forget to submit your best Lenses by June 30 to be considered for the next round of the Lens Creator Rewards Program.
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