Snap AR Launches GenAI Suite at AWE 24

This past week, Snap AR took center stage at Augmented World Expo 2024, joining other leading AR developers and business leaders to discuss the latest in XR. We were thrilled to showcase our innovative technology, creative capabilities, and growth opportunities — as well as launch the much anticipated general release of Lens Studio 5.0 and GenAI Suite.

Snap Co-Founder Bobby Murphy on stage with Paige Piskin and Mike Boland at AWE 2024 discussing the public release of Lens Studio 5.0.

GenAI Suite Headlines Lens Studio 5.0 Public Launch

On day 1 of AWE, Snap Co-Founder and CTO Bobby Murphy announced the general release of Lens Studio 5.0 — Snap AR’s most powerful development platform yet. Highlighting Lens Studio 5.0’s general availability is the all-new GenAI Suite, powered by proprietary SnapML technology. Instantly generate custom, Lens-ready assets and go from prompt to publish in minutes. Other new capabilities include a plugin system that enables you to extend Editor capabilities to fit your needs. With the ability to create your own plugins for Lens Studio, you can truly personalize your development experience.

Bobby sat down with Lens Creator Paige Piskin and AR Insider Mike Boland to discuss the exciting new launch. Watch Bobby’s keynote speech for the full breakdown, and check out our product team’s latest blog post to learn more about everything Lens Studio 5.0 has to offer, including a Figma Import Plugin and other Editor shortcuts. Start supercharging your creativity by downloading Lens Studio 5.0 today.

Building AWE's Hall of Fame WebAR Experience with Camera Kit

Hart Woolery, Founder and CEO of 2020CV, joined Snap AR DevRel Manager Steven Xu to share his insights into building AWE’s Hall of Fame AR experience using Camera Kit. Hart’s AR exhibit gives viewers a historical deep dive into the legendary scientists, researchers, and engineers behind some of the most influential breakthroughs in the fields of AR and ML. Learn more about how Snap AR’s Camera Kit SDK can help bring the power of AR into your mobile and web experiences.

Someone using AWE's Hall of Fame WebAR Experience to learn more about Snap Co-Founder Evan Spiegel.

A woman uses AWE's Hall of Fame WebAR Experience while at the Augmented World Expo.

Revolutionizing Creativity With GenAI

Snap’s Kateryna Chorna, Head of R&D AR Design, and Vlad Vasylkevych, Director of AR Production, gave attendees a behind the scenes look at Lens Studio’s new GenAI Suite, handing over the keys to creators and inviting them to bring their biggest ideas to life in AR. The duo shared best practices for harnessing the new tools to instantly generate mind-blowing ML face effects, dynamic Immersive ML effects, 3D assets, and more. Lens Creators Natasha Gubernov and Nicolletta Rothschild shared how they’re using Snap AR’s GenAI technology to bring new characters and worlds to life in their own work. 

That’s a wrap! Thank you to everyone who made AWE 2024 an action-packed week of AR innovation! From launching new products and sharing our latest research, to hosting keynotes, sessions, and activations, it was a blast having the global AR community together once again to learn and grow. Here’s to another year of transformation! If you’d like to get started test driving our new GenAI Suite, download Lens Studio 5.0 and be sure to share what you create!