July 19, 2023
July 19, 2023

Submit Your Assets for a Chance to Win Big at the Snap AR x Lenslist AR Assets Hackathon!

Calling all artists, designers, and makers — consider this your sign to participate in the first-ever Snap AR x Lenslist AR Assets Hackathon!

Now through August 7, submit your best assets for a chance to win one of the 100 unique and exciting prizes from the $40,000 prize pool.

Plus, every asset you submit will be considered for the Lens Studio Asset Library, which means your creations could be shared with the more than 300,000 creators using Lens Studio to build Lenses for Snapchat, their own mobile applications and websites, and more.

The Lens Studio Asset Library is an important source of inspiration for anyone who picks up Lens Studio. For many creators in the community, using assets from the library is the first step toward building unique and compelling Lenses for Snapchatters of their own audience.

Through this hackathon, we’re encouraging everyone to share their latest innovations in order to open up new creative possibilities for the entire community.

Community Matters
Lens creators have a profound understanding of what resonates with Snapchatters and their peers in the AR community. This — coupled with the community’s requests to add their own assets to the Lens Studio Asset Library — is why we launched Community Asset Upload for our Snap Lens Network (SLN) members earlier this year. Since then, we’ve seen assets made by the Snap AR community consistently outperform existing assets in terms of creator usage and Lens engagement.

The Community Asset Upload enables SLN members to submit their carefully crafted assets for review and inclusion in the Asset Library. That way, anyone in Lens Studio can access the assets and incorporate them into their Lenses. Before reaching the hands of developers, assets undergo a review process to ensure we maintain the bar for high-quality assets in the library. Once approved, Community Assets are available directly in the Asset Library, with clear attribution, so everyone can see who created each amazing asset.

During the pilot, we realized the importance of providing clear guidelines to help streamline the asset submission process. In response, we updated our documentation, offering creators comprehensive insight into what makes an exceptional asset and how to prepare submissions for review. With these guidelines, creators can showcase their talents while ensuring a seamless integration of assets into the world of Snap AR.

As we move forward, we’re inviting all creators to expand their horizons beyond Lens submissions by encouraging them to share their favorite assets — the essential building blocks that empower the entire Snap AR creator community, unlocking a realm of fresh creative possibilities for everyone, regardless of their expertise.

We believe stronger products are made when they are built in close collaboration with the community. This has always been our approach when building Lens Studio and we’re excited to extend this to the Asset Library. By harnessing creators’ collective knowledge and talent, we’re unlocking inspiration and exponential growth in productivity and overall quality across our entire ecosystem. From novices taking their first steps in the AR realm to seasoned experts pushing the boundaries of what’s truly possible, the Lens Studio Asset Library is built for everyone, by everyone.

You can already find original assets from Nick Kazakov, فارس العسيري Faris, Max van Leeuwen, and Taniqua in the Lens Studio Asset Library!