1 - “Dream It, Build It with Snap AR” Session
Wednesday, June 1st from 12:2012:45 p.m. | Main Stage, Mission City Ballroom
Through a robust and ever-evolving platform, Snap has redefined what it means to create and connect in AR. During this main stage session with Snap’s Head of AR Platform Partnerships, Sophia Dominguez, learn how products like Lens Studio, Camera Kit, and Spectacles have inspired over 250,000 creators and developers to build with AR. Whether it’s for art, business, education, self-expression or shopping, using Snap’s advanced AR technology opens up a world to turn big dreams into impactful and expressive AR solutions. Join the session to inspire your next AR project!

2 - “Dream It, Build It” Lounge & Networking Event
Lounge open Wednesday, June 1 from 10:00 a.m.5:00 p.m.; Networking Event open Wednesday, June 1 from 12:452:15 p.m. | Mission City Ballroom Lobby
Following Snap’s “Dream It, Build It” session on the Main Stage, the excitement surrounding Snap AR will continue at a networking event for AWE attendees. Learn more about the advanced capabilities of our products and AR programs directly from our team — and try out Spectacles for yourself.

3 - Dream It, Build It” Lounge | Spectacles Demos
Wednesday, June 1st from 12:452:15 p.m. | Mission City Ballroom Lobby
Spectacles brings augmented reality to life right before your eyes, fusing fun and utility through immersive AR experiences. Get a first-person perspective of what’s possible through Spectacles, which won “Best Headworn Device” at last year’s Auggie Awards.

4 & 5 - Education Sessions

  • Session 1 - Creating 3D Products for Every Stage of the Lifecycle
    Wednesday, June 1st from 1111:55 a.m. | Grand Ballroom A
    Tyler Lindberg joins this panel for an in-depth discussion of the many positive impacts 3D assets can have in the e-commerce space. Hear from the experts on how to create a seamless production process, from design to consumer presentation. Learn how hybrid working environments can thrive with a fully digital product development workflow. Also, discover how shopping behaviors can be incorporated into the design process in a way that’s beneficial for both consumers and product designers. 

  • Session 2 - Building Fashion and Retail Experiences with AR
    Wednesday, June 1st from 2:553:20 p.m. | Grand Ballroom A
    See how Snap AR is powering advanced experiences on mobile to reimagine the retail and e-commerce landscape. Yao Wang leads a workshop-style session showing you how to create and publish AR Try-On Lenses using Lens Studio’s collection of tools like external Body Mesh and Cloth Simulation.

There’s still time to join Snap AR at AWE! Learn more about the conference and purchase tickets at awexr.com. We can’t wait to see you there!