Next, get the scoop from community creators Pradeepa, Sudi, Will, and Abdullah on the inspiration behind their Lenses and what being a superhero means to them. But before you dive in, Snap the Drop and check out Lens Studio to build your own Lenses and AR experiences!

Snap AR: What does being a superhero mean to you?

Pradeepa: Superheroes are meant to inspire and stand as symbols of hope. They represent someone we are not, someone that can do things that we can't. Even though they may not always be in a cape, I consider dads to be real-life superheroes. They transform themselves into a superhero whenever their kids need their help. 

Sudi: To me, a superhero is a brave person who doesn't necessarily have superpowers, like a fireman. Someone who helps or saves another person, who does a good deed in the humanitarian field. In the world of fiction, superheroes have superpowers often related to their appearance, their purpose is to save people from threats. They represent justice! 

Abdullah: Being a superhero means helping a brother, friend, or even a stranger in need. I aim to be a superhero and role model to everyone I meet. As a superhero, it's my responsibility to provide security for my family. With my focus on creating the best Lens on Snapchat, I felt that Snapchat was my superhero to create a space for lots of superheroes to come together and create a brighter future. 

Will: Being a superhero means helping everyone I can no matter what, whether it’s helping with little things like homework and creating Lenses or big things like tackling life’s problems and ensuring everyone’s happy and safe.

Snap AR: How was that reflected in your Lens?

Pradeepa: In this SuperDad Lens, I showcased dad’s transformation as a superhero. This Lens transforms dads into SuperDad by giving them a nice super suit to celebrate their efforts and hard work. 

Sudi: For this Lens, I chose to represent a superhero made 50 percent human and 50 percent rock. He represents the power and enduring strength of the rock, a natural element that he controls. He also controls the little spinning rocks around him, he can enlarge them and throw them to fight bad guys and save human lives! 

Abdullah: I always look for a challenge, and Snap AR made the impossible possible — they gave us everything we needed to get creative. That’s why I was able to create the 3D Disguised Superhero Lens. Developing a new Lens is always personal, every person has their own meaning attached to their creation. For me, this superhero was the outcome of being able to tap into and express my inner feelings.

Sometimes after you help people, you need to rest and heal. In my Lens, you are doing just that — regenerating and healing. 

Heroes on the Homefront

To bring our Design Your Superhero Lens to life, we called on the real-life heroes already among us. Ukrainian Lens Creators Oksana and Kateryna took the lead in bringing our vision to life, jumping on the project in January — mere weeks before the world would be turned upside down. Even after the Russian invasion began, Oksana and Kateryna insisted on carrying on with the project, despite evacuating into temporary housing. When you use this Lens to create your own superhero, do so with the knowledge that it took two superwomen to make it happen!