In May, we released the next generation of Spectacles as a development tool for creators looking to push the boundaries of AR. While our initial release provided a solid foundation for you to build AR experiences using Lens Studio, we have more exciting capabilities we want to get in your hands ASAP.

As we continue to build with you and the rest of the AR community, we are introducing experimental features —capabilities designed to help us better understand what you want from your Spectacles experience. We are also releasing sample Lenses that allow you to build on top of existing features. Simply download the Lens projects and use them to take your own creations to the next level.

In our first experimental release a few weeks ago, we launched co-located Connected Lenses - which can turn any Lens into a shared experience with others in the same space on Spectacles. To inspire you, we built SoundShare - a multiplayer co-located music creation experience where each player can add or remove a musical note to a shared music player.

Today, we want to make it easier for you to create Lenses that adapt to changes in your location through: 

  • Location Triggers - lets your Lenses respond to changes in the GPS location from your phone when you enter or leave specific locations. (See template)

  • Endurance Mode - lets you run Lenses longer by turning off the display in between interactions with your Lens. (See template)

To bring those capabilities to life and provide inspiration, we’ve built the Doggie Detective Lens. This interactive adventure game takes you on an AR journey around Culver City, Los Angeles to find a lost French bulldog.

Just a friendly reminder, experimental features evolve quickly and have a few limitations:

  • They may be modified, or deprecated without notice, and

  • Lenses built on top of some experimental features may not be publishable to everyone.

To turn on experimental features, go to the Spectacles Settings tab to enable them. Some experimental features will be off by default.

- Spectacles Team.