When creating our developer technologies and platforms like Creative Kit, Minis, and Games, keeping Snapchatters’ data private and safe has always been our priority. 

We launched Minis in 2020, as a way for partners to create lightweight experiences for the Snapchat community. Since then, we’ve been working to deliver a way for partners to make social experiences while upholding our values around individual privacy. 

With the new Minis Private Components System, partners can build lightweight Minis for Snapchat using HTML5–and have the opportunity to code in social elements such as reviews, ratings, and more, using a special templating system. Then, developers pass their work through our system which uses a code compiler to establish a secure sandbox environment around each designated social element within the Mini experience. When a Snapchatter goes to launch the Mini, Snap’s database populates the social elements, just as the interface is rendered for the Snapchatter on screen.

With the Minis Private Components System, our partners can create experiences built around friendship, without the hassles, risks, and responsibilities of managing their communities’ friend graphs. 

To start, we are working with early partners like HBO Max, virtual greeting card company Givingli, and mobile data & minutes provider Ding

If you’re a developer and interested in building a Mini with our new Private Components System on Snapchat, you can learn more at minis.snapchat.com.

We can’t wait to see what you will create!