Lens Web Builder

Lens Creation, Simplified.

Lens Web Builder makes it easy to create augmented reality Lens campaigns directly in Ads Manager.


Build a Lens by picking from hundreds of free 3D objects, animations, and templates.


Select SKUs, build Lenses from new AR shopping templates, and publish right to your Profile in just a few clicks.


Set up an ad campaign using goal-based bidding for Lenses within the auction, or feature your Lens on your Public Profile for Business for free!

Explore Lens Web Builder

AR Assets

Check out Lens Web Builder’s Asset Library for hundreds of AR assets related to different verticals and events. Adding assets and objects like Makeup, Accessories, and more to your Lenses can increase engagement and relevance.

Accessing Lens Web Builder

Every member of an ad account should have access to Lens Web Builder. What you can do depends on your roles and permissions.

Create and View Lenses

Account Admin | Campaign Manager | Creative Manager

View Lens Templates

Data Manager | Data Analyst