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Introducing Lens Studio 5.0 Beta

We’ve rebuilt Lens Studio from the ground up, focusing on innovation that empowers your creative process, faster performance, and exciting new Generative AI features. We encourage early adopters to test and provide feedback on the Beta to help us enhance your experience.

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Next-Level Speed

Now projects load 18X faster, boosting your productivity right from the start. Once your project loads, you’ll notice performance improvements throughout the development experience.

Amplifying Creativity

Generate your own materials and textures faster and easier than ever. Leverage OpenAI’s ChatGPT to create Lenses with infinite possibilities for Snapchatters.

Improving Workflows

Open multiple projects at the same time, copy and paste between them, edit objects at the same time, and quick-edit with new inspector tools. Preview a Lens from various user perspectives, and so much more.

Empowering Collaboration

Lens Studio 5.0 was built with version control in mind. Developers can take advantage of their favorite version control tools, like Git, for better project management and mitigating merge conflicts.

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Why Lens Studio

Create AR for Anywhere

Lenses built with Lens Studio can be shared to Snapchat, Spectacles, web and mobile apps with Camera Kit. With millions of Snapchatters who engage with AR every day and Lenses that have been viewed trillions of times, Snapchat has more surface areas for AR discovery than any other social platform.

Dream It. Build It.

Lens Studio’s robust feature set means AR can be more creative, realistic, and engaging than ever before. Our industry-leading capabilities have empowered creators to develop millions of Lenses that have changed the way people learn, play, shop and express themselves in the world today.

Designed for Your Success

Lens Studio is engineered to empower beginner and advanced developers with the right tools to get the job done. We build Lens Studio for the way you work. When you can spend more time creating and less time on logistics, your potential is as boundless as your creativity.

Develop Your Skills and Your Business

Grow your personal brand and your business by tapping into the ecosystem of advertisers on Snapchat and developers integrating Camera Kit.