The Lens Creator Rewards Program celebrates creativity by rewarding Creators who make high-performing Lenses on Snapchat.

AR shapes how we experience the world around us and makes the moments shared between friends on Snapchat truly unique. With AR Lenses, Snapchatters can learn new things, try on clothes, create imaginary friends, and even transform into a horse.


If you’re creating a new Lens for the Lens Creator Rewards Program, we want you to let your imagination run wild. But if you’re looking for inspiration, check out a few existing engaging Community Lenses below.
Boost Snapchatter awareness of your Lenses with these Lens optimization best practices and discoverability tips.


Q: What is the Lens Creator Rewards Program?
A: The Lens Creator Rewards program offers monetary rewards to Creators who make high performing Lenses on Snapchat.

Q: What is a high performing Lens?
A: A newly submitted Lens must accumulate at least 15,000 Qualified Posters and meet all eligibility criteria in order to qualify for a reward.

Q: What is a Qualified Poster?
A: A qualified poster is a unique user in a qualified Region who has posted a Snap with your Lens to Spotlight, Private Stories, and/or Public Stories.

Q: Who can join the Lens Creator Rewards program?
A: The Lens Creator Rewards Program is open to Lens Creators who are at least 18 years of age and based in an eligible Country.

Q: Which types of lenses do not qualify to receive rewards from the program?
A: The Lens Creator Rewards Program is meant to inspire original creativity within the AR space. Lenses that are submitted to the Program that may not receive a reward include ones primarily based around:

  • Simple color filters/styles applied to the camera

  • Basic beautification/saturation/sharpness modifiers

  • Static 2D images with limited user interaction

  • Frames and collages that apply a 2D border or text around the camera

  • Easily repeatable characteristics and/or copies of other Lenses

Additionally, any Lenses that violate our Moderation Guidelines will not be eligible to receive a reward

Note: we may periodically update the types of lenses that are eligible to receive rewards.

Q: How long will the Lens Creator Rewards Program continue for?
A: The Lens Creator Rewards Program will be ongoing at Snap’s discretion.