October 24, 2023
October 24, 2023

Try Out September’s Top-Performing Lenses

Congratulations to September’s top-performing Lens Creators on their well-earned rewards! Check out our winners below and explore the innovative AR that’s guaranteed to blow your mind, bring to life your favorite memes, and make you think twice before turning out the lights. Plus, don’t forget to submit your best work to the Lens Creator Rewards Program by October 31 to be considered for the next round of prizes.

Top-performing Lenses are eligible to receive monthly rewards up to 7,200 USD!

“The chance to be compensated for doing something you love is truly remarkable. The Lens Creator Rewards Program is a win-win situation that keeps creators motivated and appreciated.” — Lens Creator Nicole Montes

Blue Smurf Cat

Greg French
Top Ranked: US

Inspired by the viral meme taking over the internet, Smurf Cat — also known as Shailushai — has made his way to Snapchat. Where did he come from? Where is he headed? All we know is that he’s here to stay. Pair him with your favorite soundtrack and send him on his way!


Nicole Montes
Top Ranked: US

When we say these lashes are to die for, we mean it! This spooky season, try Nicole’s creepy psycho clown Lens… at your own risk. This killer Lens is guaranteed to keep your friends on their toes, but be warned — we’re not responsible for what happens in the group chat!


Cecil Kofford
Top Ranked: US

Ever wonder what you’d look like as a real-life Picasso painting? Rearrange your face with Cecil’s Clipper Lens, because sometimes fun doesn’t have to make sense!

Ref Catches Face

Charlie Brandt
Top Ranked: US

We’re not sure where Charlie’s head was when he created this masterpiece, but rest assured, you’re in good hands with this Lens. Put your noggin, or anyone’s for that matter, into this sporty template for the best courtside view in the house!

Frames Pretty

Sunny Bahadurpuria
Top Ranked: India

Sunny’s viral Lens combines elements of film strips, beauty highlights, and kaleidoscope effects for an experience that’s equal parts mesmerizing and fun. Try it out with friends or strike a solo pose — regardless, you’re guaranteed to leave an impression.

Spiderman x Toon

Joel Dcosta
Top Ranked: India

Web slingers, unite! Transform into your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man with Joel’s action-packed superhero Lens. Fight crime, or take it easy and spam the group chat with Peter Parker one-liners. Either way, this Lens will have your spidey senses tingling.

Rashmika Mandanna

Neal Mehra
Top Ranked: India

Neal’s clever Lens teleports you directly into the middle of a realistic video call. Is this mystery woman on the other end your girlfriend? A coworker? Who’s to say! All we know is, this fun Lens is great for pranks and skits — or the perfect answer to your parents’ favorite question: Are you dating anyone?


Shahid Reality
Top Ranked: India

Ready for your close-up? Shahid’s four-panel Lens puts you — or your subject — center stage for a glitzy photo op. A stunning geometric background adds a splash of flair to an already-stylish moment. Proof that you don’t have to be a movie star to look like one.

Red Hair

CaptainQ | كابتن كيو
Top Ranked: Mexico

Now anyone can be in their redhead era with CaptainQ’s stylish beauty Lens. Perfect for Halloween dress-up or a quick, virtual makeover, this Lens lets you try on a different hair color — without the commitment. Just know, we’re not responsible if you find out red is your true color.

Heart Eye

Top Ranked: Mexico

Whether for a family member or a romantic interest, the Heart Eye Lens by Abhiii is the perfect way to share your love with someone special. A cute vintage filter and heart frame add a sweet touch to any heartfelt greeting.

Bloody Face

Top Ranked: Mexico

Just in time for Hallwoeen, this haunting Lens by Sattam is sure to spice up the group chat. Realistic special effects transform you into any character, from a rough-and-tumble action hero or boxer to a ghost or zombie. The options are as limitless as your imagination!

DK Cam

Top Ranked: Mexico

Capture the perfect shot with DK’s Cam Lens. This clever AR experience simulates a smartphone camera interface, providing a fun and immersive backdrop for your content. Give it a try and add a touch of creativity and a fresh perspective to your next Snap.

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And don’t forget to submit your best Lenses by October 31 to be considered for the next round of rewards!