Empowering Creators

Changes to the Lens Creator Rewards Program

At Snap, we’ve always believed in celebrating creativity by empowering our community of creators. Since introducing the Lens Creator Rewards Program, your feedback and insights have been incredibly important to us, influencing how we evolve and shape things. Today, we’re thrilled to announce a host of exciting new updates to the program aimed at providing more transparency into which Lenses receive rewards, an expansion of the tools and analytics available, and the types of Lenses that qualify for the program.

What's New?

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Clear Goalposts

Lenses must accumulate at least 15,000 qualified posters in the first 90 days.

We’ve changed the guidelines around our scoring formula, eliminating the guesswork and ensuring you know exactly what we’re looking for when it comes to rewards. Post your Lens to your Story and Spotlight to increase visibility and help reach that target! For more details about maximizing discovery of your Lenses, click here.

A screenshot of the Lens Creator Rewards Insights section of the My Lenses portal where creators can analyze Lens performance against the program’s new criteria.

Better Analytics

We’re introducing new tooling in ‘My Lenses’ that offer the ability to track your progress and monitor the performance of your Lenses against the program’s new criteria. You’ll gain valuable insights into what types of Lenses resonate most with Snapchatters, enabling you to refine your Lenses over time and maximize your earning potential!

Paige Piskin models her Doll Nails Lens with sparkling purple sunglasses and ombré flame nails.

Lens Content Qualification

Rewards Program is meant to inspire original creativity within the AR space. To ensure the most deserving creator’s work is recognized, we are implementing some guardrails around what type of Lenses may qualify. Lenses primarily based around the following may not be eligible for rewards: simple color filters, beautification/saturation modifiers, static 2D images, frames/collages, and copies of other Lenses.

Thank you for all your hard work over the past months — your input has been crucial in shaping the future of the Lens Creator Rewards Program. We hope that the changes we’ve rolled out demonstrate our commitment to evolving our products and programs based on your feedback.

For a detailed view of the program’s changes, including FAQs, click here.