March’s Top-Performing Community Lenses!

Huge shoutout to this past month’s most viral community Lens Creators on your winning builds! 💰 Check out some of March’s top-performing Snapchat Lenses below — and don’t forget to submit your best work to the Lens Creator Rewards Program by April 30 for this month’s chance at rewards! 

👻 Important Note 👻 There are so many winners each month that we can’t fit them all in one blog post. Below are just a few of the many creators who received rewards this month!

3x3 Puzzle


Apriandi is back at it again with another popular number puzzle! Rearrange the tiles into sequential order by sliding them into the empty space in as few moves as possible. Challenge friends to see who can earn the lowest score. And good luck! This game is trickier than it appears…

Minefield Game

Simon QR

Hello, nostalgia! Simon QR’s Minefield Game is a fresh, new take on the old-school Minesweeper PC game of yesteryear. Those who remember the original will know this game is no walk in the park — collecting all 15 diamonds without landing on a skull is easier said than done!

Drive the Chopper!

Crazzyy Stuff

Do you have what it takes to pilot your own chopper? Hop in the cockpit and let’s see what you’ve got! Navigate 360-degree flight patterns through harsh desert terrain while tracking your distance with a built-in GPS monitor. Kudos to Crazzyy Stuff for this seriously entertaining flight simulator!


Piano Game


Calling all producers! Now’s your chance to flex your music chops. Compose and share your very own compositions with Anas’s Piano Game. Select from multiple instruments and then layer your tracks for endless melodic possibilities. Be sure to share with the Group Chat to see who has the sickest beats!



Props to this little one’s parents on the solid diaper wrap — those pins are holding on for dear life! Have you ever seen a toddler with moves like these? We’re obsessed with how he’s just movin’ and groovin’ in his own lane without a care in the world. Better hit the dance floor quick, so this youngster doesn’t show you up. The question is… Can you keep up?

Earring Collection

Mohana Priya

Strut your stuff with this luxurious set of peacock-inspired earrings! Colorful gems and ornate gold settings are guaranteed to add a splash of elegance to any wardrobe. Hats off to Mohana for the stunning detail and artistry behind these earrings. Go ahead and pose for a selfie — we promise you won’t want to take them off!




Sometimes natural tears just aren’t enough to express how big our feelings really are. That’s when Maryam’s Sad Lens comes in handy — instantly amplify your emotions and let your loved ones know you’re feeling down. Or try garnering sympathy with your significant other. YMMV!

Monkey Mask


Take a walk on the wild side with this hilarious Monkey Mask from أميرة. Whether you’re channeling your inner orangutan or cosplaying a wise primate elder, you’re guaranteed to turn heads. Just remember, we aren’t responsible for any monkey business you get into!

Be sure to submit your best Lenses by April 30 to be considered for the next round. Top-performing Lenses are eligible to receive monthly rewards!