May 29, 2024
May 29, 2024

April’s Hottest Lenses 🤑

Congratulations to this past month’s Lens Creator Rewards Program winners! Discover the Community Lenses going viral on Snapchat, and be sure to submit your best work by May 31 for this month’s chance at rewards.

As always, below are just a few of the many top-performing Lenses that earned rewards this past month. There were so many winners, we couldn’t fit them all!

Spear Throw!

Simon QR

The Summer Games are almost here! Warm up with some friendly competition, courtesy of Simon’s captivating Spear Throw! Lens. Lock in the perfect trajectory and watch your spear soar through the air. Challenge friends to see who has the best arm, but be warned — nailing the timing on the release is tougher than it appears!

Fruits BlindRank


Let me guess: Your buddies won’t stop begging you to drop your fruit ranking? The wait is officially over, friends! Share and compare your fruity favorites in the Group Chat with Si_graph’s latest Lens creation. Debate and discuss the merits of pineapple versus kiwi. While you’re at it, learn some fun fruit facts along the way… Did you know that avocados are technically a fruit?

Solar Eclipse

Phil Walton

Love being the center of attention? How about the center of the solar system? We guarantee all eyes will be on you with Phil Walton’s new Solar Eclipse Lens. Take center stage, bask in the light, and then, as day turns to night in dramatic fashion, become the eclipse and own the moment — even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Knife Hunt Game


Test your accuracy with Pratyush’s challenging Knife Hunt Game. Tap to throw knives into a spinning wooden target, but watch out — if your timing isn’t just right, you’ll hit another knife and have to start over at Stage 1! Compete with friends for high scores, and see who has the best throwing skills in the Group Chat.

Grandma Eggy


Picture this: You’re an egg! But also a grandma. Open your eyes and say hello to the Grandma Eggy Lens, compliments of Ernie. We haven’t yet figured out all of the practical applications of this Lens, but one thing is for sure: you’ll look far too cute for anyone to crack you.

Exam Pencil Face


Meet Exam Pencil Face, the perfect companion for this spring’s final exams. Studying is important, but remember — study breaks are just as vital! Use Cristian’s AR creation to give yourself a finals week pep talk, commiserate with friends over math homework, or simply transcend physics and become the very essence of academic excellence.

Don’t forget to submit your best Lenses by May 31 to be considered for the next round of the Lens Creator Rewards Program.
Top-performing Lenses are eligible to receive monthly rewards!