Module 1

Garment or Accessory Selection

Getting Started

To complete this course, you will need a 3D model of a garment or accessory. You can either download one or make one from scratch, and use the examples above as inspiration. For this course, we will use the Hoodie model from the Asset Library but feel free to use your own asset. Wondering what you should do? Answer these questions to figure out your next steps.
Would you like to create a true-to-life item?
Would you like to create a piece of clothing/accessory that you wish existed in real life?

Library Asset

Don’t want to purchase or make your own 3D garment? That’s okay! You can use the assets provided to you in Lens Studio’s Asset Library. Using Lens Studio assets allows you to quickly prototype a Lens, learn the workflow and test your Lens concept until you are ready to build your own 3D model of a garment. Follow the course to learn how to access assets and import them into your project.

Purchase Asset

Would you like to purchase an asset? If you would like to use a different asset than those available in the Asset Library, check out various asset stores. You can find free and premium 3D assets of garments/accessories on various virtual asset stores like Sketchfab, Turbosquid and many more.

Make Asset

Want to create your own garment/accessory, but don’t know where to start? No problem! If you want to create your own unique 3D garment, consider using one of these software programs: Blender, Cinema4D, Maya, Marvelous Designer, Sketchup, Zbrush, vSticher and other softwares of your choice.