Developing Fashion Lenses for Virtual Try-On using Lens Studio

Intermediate Courses

Compatible Lens: ✅ Organic | ✅ Sponsored | ❌ Spectacles

Augmented reality enables the creation of robust and engaging consumer experiences, powering compelling ways for shoppers to visualize, try on, and experience physical products before purchase. At the same time, as our lives become more digitized, virtual fashion is becoming an important part of people’s digital identity. Snap’s unique features and tools create one of a kind experiences, giving brands, creators, and developers the ability to enable Snapchatters to truly immerse themselves in the latest fashion trends. Snap’s tools power the creation of augmented reality experiences, including Fashion Lenses, that enable virtual try-on and help brands, creators, and developers interact with shoppers, consumers, and Snapchatters globally.
Fashion Lenses allow you to interact with virtual clothing (dresses, jackets, pants), accessories (eyewear, jewelry, handbags, hats, footwear, watches) that are replicas of real-life objects, and virtual garments that only exist online. Learning to create Fashion Lenses opens a world of opportunities, such as collaborating with global brands to produce branded Lenses or creating your own fashion Lenses.

Welcome to the
Snap AR Fashion Lens course

This course will cover the building blocks of Fashion Lens creation for a full-body try-on. This course will provide a step-by-step guide you can follow to create your own Fashion Lens that can be distributed as organic and sponsored Lenses on Snapchat. The course is made up of six, 5-30 minute modules and should take an estimated 60-90 minutes to complete. We will cover:

Module 1: Garment or accessory selection

Explore Lens direction and decide what garment or accessory to use
(5 Minutes)

Module 2: 3D Asset creation or selection

Learn about 3D asset creation and decide if you’ll create your own or use a prepared asset
(15 Minutes)

Module 3: External Body Mesh and best-practices

Learn about External Body Meshes and best practices for Fashion Lens creation
(25 minutes)

Module 4: Occluders

Understand what occlusion is and how occluders are used in Fashion Lenses
(15 minutes)

Module 5: Body Inpainting tool

Review the benefits of using Body Inpainting in Fashion Lens creation
(5 minutes)

Module 6: Creation & submission of a Lens

Create a unique Fashion Lens and submit it to Snapchat
(30 minutes)

Lens Examples

To help you get inspired and visualize what type of Fashion Lenses you can create after completing this course, here are a few examples of what other independent creators and brands are creating using Lens Studio tools.

Open your Snapchat camera and scan the below Snapcodes to view Lenses.