Module 3

Creating Memorable Reactions
In this module, you will build a new Lens that manipulates faces using Face Paint or Distort functions.

Step 1: Explore

Open your Snapchat camera and scan these Snapcodes to view Face Paint and Distort Lenses:

As you can see, Face Paint adds elements to your face as if they were painted on. Distort stretches, shrinks, and multiplies parts of your face to create illusions.

Step 2: Create

Now check out these suggested workflows for creating your own Lens.


It’s time to create your own Lens using one of the facial manipulations that we just explored. For this activity, you will use the Face Paint template to paint a 2D texture onto your face. 
  1. Open the Lens Studio software on your computer.
  2. In the top left corner, select “Templates.” 
  3. Watch the tutorial with the captions on. 
  4. Watch the tutorial again, but this time, pause at each step and follow along on your own computer.
    1. 2:09 - Use the template Artboard in your preferred creative software to design a mask element. The example uses Photoshop. 
    2. 3:07 - Manipulate anchor points to adjust mask elements. 
  5. Spend a few more minutes finishing up your Lens and trying it directly on your Snapchat!
    1. Actions to consider: replacing elements, changing textures, and adding layers.
  6. Save your progress on your computer.

Additional resources:

Watch this Face Paint tutorial below by Lens Creator Roman Jaquez. Follow along the tutorial with these sample assets (optional).

Extra Credit

Not done yet?
Try adding text to your Lens, too.