AR Shopping

Shopping Through a New Lens

Snap’s AR platform offers the highest quality breadth of solutions and self-service tools to help commerce brands meet their business goals through AR on both Snapchat and in their own applications.

Solutions for Every Brand

From boutique brands to enterprise retailers, pioneers of digital fashion, and furniture and auto manufacturers, this powerful yet simple solution can amplify just about any business.

Retail Reimagined

Through Snap AR, shoppers can visualize, try on, and experience products before buying them — helping to increase conversions and reduce returns, benefiting shoppers & businesses alike. 

Snap AR Shopping

An AR commerce suite to design, develop, and distribute shoppable try-on and product visualization experiences. Offerings include purpose-built AR shopping asset creation and development tools, technologies, and distribution capabilities on and off Snapchat.

Creation Tools & Resources

Lens Web Builder

The simple solution for importing your catalog of products and AR-ready assets to develop try-on and product visualization Lenses in minutes. Use vertical templates for makeup, footwear, eyewear, apparel, and surface placement objects such as furniture, electronics, and handbags.

Lens Studio

A robust suite of tech supporting the development of digital fashion and bespoke AR shopping experiences.

Creator Marketplace

A self-serve tool to discover top AR development businesses that you can work with to create AR shopping experiences.



Objects scale intuitively with the world around them for seamless shopping experiences made possible by features like Product Scale for Eyewear and World Product Placement.

Distribution and Discovery


Snapchat is a retailer’s wonderland, offering a built-in community of 330 million daily active users engaged and ready to shop. On-platform capabilities include branded Public Profiles and Stores, Camera Carousel, Lens Explorer, Dress Up, Stories & Chat, Spotlight, Search, Scan, Advertising, and more. 

Beyond Snapchat

Snap AR Shopping isn’t limited to just Snapchat. Harness the power of Camera Kit on your app and website. Share Fit & Sizing Recommendations on your app and website using Fit Analytics. Use Snapcodes and Markers for your physical products, packaging, store fronts, pop ups, and marketing materials.

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