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  • Create Cutting-Edge AR Experiences. Whether you're a seasoned AR developer or just starting out, Lens Studio offers everything you need to design, develop and test AR experiences, including a comprehensive set of tools, 3D assets and Lens templates, and support from the Snap AR team and Snap AR developer community.

  • Publish your AR Lenses to Snapchat and beyond. With Lens Studio, you can bring your imagination to life by creating custom AR Lenses for Snapchat's millions of daily active users or build custom AR experiences for your own mobile applications or website.

Share your AR Lenses with more than 250M Snapchatters who engage with AR every day.

  • On average, over 75% of Snapchatters engage with augmented reality to communicate, play, and learn every day.

  • With cross-platform distribution for AR Lenses to iOS and Android applications, the web and Spectacles, your creations can reach people all over the world on their favorite devices.

  • Over 3 million Lenses have been created with Lens Studio; available across Snapchat, Snap Camera, Spectacles, and Camera Kit.

  • Lenses built in Lens Studio have been viewed more than 5 trillion times on Snapchat and in mobile apps powered by Camera Kit.

It's Easy to Get Started.

  • 75% of new Lens Studio users submit their first AR Lens in less than an hour.

  • Lens Studio offers hundreds of Lens Templates, free 3D assets and a built-in Learn tab to cover best practices for Lens development to help you create your first Lens.

  • Join a community of fellow creators and developers and get feedback on your work.

  • Access resources and tutorials on the Snap AR website and YouTube

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