November 22, 2023
November 22, 2023

October’s Top Snapchat Lenses

The results are in… Say hello to October’s Lens Creator Rewards Program winners! Explore this past month’s top-performing Lenses and discover the captivating AR bringing your favorite holidays to life, spreading laughter around the world, and leaving Snapchatters downright shook!

Egg Balance


Top Ranked: US

Looking for an egg-citing game to add to your collection? Look no further than Meshmaker’s Egg Balance Lens. Compete with friends to see who can balance their egg longest. But be warned… This game is not as easy as it looks!

Paul Von Crow

Nicole Montes

Top Ranked: US

CAUTION: Do not try this Lens with the lights off! Equal parts creepy and spellbinding, Nicole’s Lens is the perfect addition to any spooky ensemble. Is it a scarecrow or a clown? All we know is that it’s likely to send shivers down your spine!

My Red Flags

Agreeable Greg

Top Ranked: US

Let’s face it: Everyone has their flaws. Discover yours, and then share with friends to see if they have the same red flags as you. This playful personality test is perfect for the Group Chat — or an excellent conversation starter with new acquaintances.

Eggplant Face


Top Ranked: US

You don’t need to be a vegetarian to dig this Lens. Stop wondering what you’d look like as an eggplant and start living your best life with this vitamin-packed crowd pleaser from Sky.

Happy Navratri

Pradeepa Anandhi

Top Ranked: India

Celebrate the Hindu festival of Navratri in style with this lively Lens from Pradeepa Anandhi. Intricate patterns and ornate candles adorn this beautiful tribute honoring the goddess Durga. Whether near or far from home, embrace the vibrant spirit of Navratri by sharing this Lens with friends and family.


Rakesh Kumar

Top Ranked: India

Stylish, cute, and creative. What more could you ask for? This rabbit couture Lens from Rakesh Kumar adds a splash of flair to any selfie. And as if an adorable unicorn rabbit background isn’t enough, prepare to be glamified with a bundle of accessories, including a flower crown, red lipstick, and stylish sunglasses.

Chaniya Choli

Kinjal Kanzariya

Top Ranked: India

Explore the rich cultural significance of chaniya choli, the traditional clothing for women in India and Pakistan, with Kinjal Kanzariya's dazzling try-on Lens designed with intricate embroideries and a bright, cheerful color palette. Matching skirt, blouse, and scarf combine for an elegant ensemble guaranteed to stun fashionistas everywhere!

Navratri Puja

Jasnoor Singh

Top Ranked: India

This holiday season, invite the spirit of Navratri into any room with this festive addition from Jasnoor Singh. This intricate AR experience pays homage to the Hindu goddess Durga, celebrating her victory over Mahishasura with a decorative scene of flowers and incense.

Halloween Mask

ترند ضحك 

Top Ranked: Mexico

Don’t let the cute makeup design fool you — this circus clown is up to no good! Bats and jack-o’-lanterns add a pleasantly menacing touch of Halloween flair to this already-spooky Lens. And while we’re not sure what sort of mischief you’ll get into with this psycho clown-themed Lens, we know you’ll look drop-dead gorgeous doing it!

Toilet Phone

Eder Bob the Cat

Top Ranked: Mexico

If a picture is worth a thousand words, we’re thinking this Toilet Phone Lens is worth at least twice as many. Equal parts relatable and absurd, this gem is guaranteed to get a reaction from the Group Chat. It’s also further proof that you have no excuse to leave your friends on read!

Multi Sugar Skulls


Top Ranked: Mexico

Join the celebration and pay tribute to loved ones lost with Sara’s Multi Sugar Skulls Lens inspired by Día de los Muertos — The Day of the Dead. Sugar skulls are a long-standing Mexican tradition representing the departed souls of family members, so you can wear Sara’s Lens with pride knowing that you’re honoring your loved ones!

Love Glasses


Top Ranked: Mexico

Romance is in the air with Saketh’s Love Glasses Lens! We’re head over heels with these loud, purple frames and hypnotizing hearts. Spread the love in bold style, or subtly hint at your affection — either way, you’ll undoubtedly make a statement.