Module 4

Understanding Occluders

What’s an Occluder?

Occlusion is a concept of being able to block objects with another object. Within AR, occluder is a 3D mesh with an Occlusion material applied in order to mask other objects. This is important in AR compositing to represent how real world objects occlude virtual ones. To demonstrate this visually, here’s an example of a project without and with an Occluder.

How Do Occluders Work?

An Occluder works by creating a 3D object (in this case a Body Mesh) and putting it inside of the garment. This is done so that when the body pieces should be visible, the occluder blocks the rendering of the back of the garment/accessory, and shows the person instead. In more technical terms, the occluder, once applied, will allow you to hide portions of rendered geometry.