Lens Showcase

Lens Creators

Lens Creators are the source of creativity at Snap – a unique blend of designers, artists and storytellers who build fun, engaging Lenses that often go viral.

Creator Spotlight

Get inspired by Creators from all over the world. Lens Creators have published nearly 2 million Lenses and counting.

Pam Taylor: Not Your Average Teenager

Pam is a Lens Creator who expresses creativity through hobbies such as Lens-creation, music and photography. Pam first downloaded Lens Studio on March 1st, 2020 and started getting into machine learning in early July through SnapML. Pam’s talent and point of view is opening up new possibilities and inspiring Lens Creators around the world.

Lens Developers

Lens Developers are constantly innovating at Snap, building entirely new AR products and experiences that uncover fresh territories in the Augmented Reality space.

Developer Spotlight

Learn from some of the most talented and innovative Lens Developers as they share their journey building groundbreaking AR experiences and products.

Chanchal Choudhary: India-Based AR Gaming Engineer

Chanchal is a Lens Developer started building Lenses through Snap’s AR Gaming Residency. This film explores Chanchal’s unique perspective and passion for AR. Chanchal’s work is inspiring young women in India, and all over the world, to build a future in Augmented Reality.

Lens Partners

Lens Partners are brands, agencies and studios driving the growth of the AR medium by creating relevance and increasing consumer engagement.

Partner Spotlight

Brands and agencies are embracing the power of AR, incorporating Lenses into their campaigns, activations, strategies and budgets. Discover how these Lens Partners are helping build next-generation Augmented Reality experiences.

Wabisabi: AR Development Studio

Based in Mexico City, Wabisabi Design is a Lens Partner focused on building immersive experiences with groundbreaking AR technologies. This talented, entrepreneurial startup received support from Yellow, Snap’s Accelerator Program and were members of Snap’s AR Creator Residency Program. Wabisabi’s mission is to be the leading interactive entertainment company in Latin America.