Camera Kit Compatibility

If you are a Camera Kit developer please review the Lens Studio compatibility table to ensure your Lens will work in your application.

Release Notes



  • Remote Assets offers developers a way to store assets within Lens Cloud to dynamically load their created content into Lenses at runtime. Since Remote Assets do not count against the Lens size limit, developers can build more complex Lenses and re-use assets across multiple Lenses. 

    • With this release of Remote Assets, developers can utilize assets up to 10MB per asset and a max of 25MB per Lens. Organizations can use up to 500 MB of space for storing assets.

  • The Physics System has been updated to enable Developers to create Lenses with more realistic interactions and movement between AR objects in a scene. Some of the major features include; 

    • Support for Collision meshes, allowing collision, simulation, and ray casts against arbitrary render meshes.

    • Correct handling of center-of-mass and inertia.

    • Extend ray cast functions to support sweeping a primitive shape, such as a sphere, along a transform path.

    • Support for collision filtering, enabling control over how colliders interact with one another.

  • With the addition of Los Angeles and Santa Monica as new cities available in Lens Studio, creators can now build City-Scale AR content spanning across the multiple cities mapped in Lens Studio. 

    • The City Landmarker feature has been renamed to City-Scale AR.

  • Canvas  is a new Component that creates a dedicated root within the ScreenTransform hierarchy to dynamically place 2D Components, like Text and Image, in 3D space. The Canvas Component is built to adapt to multiple tracking solutions, giving Developers the flexibility to add more 2D AR enabled content to their experiences.

  • Tooltips have been added to Lens Studio as a quick way to get information about how to use Lens Studio.


  • The new Hand Tracking solution has been added to Body Tracking.

  • The ‘Sounds’ section in the Asset Library has been renamed to Music to provide Lens Creators an easier way to add their favorite songs to Lenses.

  • The glTF material and glTF Importer has been updated to support two new extensions: `KHR_materials_sheen` and `KHR_texture_transform`.

  • Lens Studio Templates will now display the name of the Creator on the homepage.

  • Added a dedicated Asset Library button in the Add Resources panel.



  • Fixed issue of broken Custom Code Node validation

  • Fixed issue when default envmap textures were deleted during component deletion

  • Fixed issue when studio may crash after copy a physics collider component

  • Fixed issue when Audio Component stops working once joined Connected Lenses session

System Requirements

Operating System

Windows 10 (64 bit); MacOS 10.15+


Minimum of Intel Core i3 2.5Ghz or AMD FX 4300 2.6Ghz or Apple M1 with 4 GB RAM; Intel HD Graphics 5000 / Nvidia GeForce 760 / AMD Radeon HD 5570 or better; screen resolution of 1280x768 or higher

Please make sure that you have the latest driver for your specific graphics card installed

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