What is Camera Kit?

Camera Kit brings the power of Snap's AR platform to your websites and mobile apps on iOS and Android. It has never been easier to create and deliver scalable, multi-platform AR experiences to meet your customers, wherever they are.


Integrate the Camera Kit AR SDK into your native mobile applications and websites to unlock custom AR experience distribution.


Build a wide variety of bespoke AR experiences for your business in Lens Studio, or work with expert AR developers from Snap’s network through the Creator Marketplace.


Schedule and manage AR experiences in your apps or websites using the Camera Kit Portal. The AR experiences you develop for your own products can also be shared with the global Snapchat community where over 250M people use AR every day.

Explore AR Capabilities

From face recognition and background segmentation to World AR, discover a wide array of augmented reality capabilities designed to elevate your application. Snap's Camera Kit enables you to deliver immersive and interactive AR experiences to your community.

with Camera Kit

Body Tracking

Accurately map and follow human body movements in real time to create animations or games that respond to physical actions.

Camera Kit

Face Effects

Overlay dynamic elements on facial features in real time for masks and stylistic effects that follow facial movements.

Camera Kit

World Tracking

Map out and interact with your physical environment, anchoring digital objects to real-world locations for a seamless user experience.

Camera Kit

Background Segmentation

Isolate subjects from their background with precision, enabling the creation of custom backdrops and virtual green screens that focus viewer attention on what matters most.

Camera Kit

Location AR

Render AR content at a location of your choosing — whether by adding elements to a specific location or even augmenting and enhancing physical landmarks.

Case Studies


Augmented reality enhances conversations with friends, fuels self-expression and creativity, and brings experiences and education into new dimensions. 

We’ve teamed up with edtech company Inspirit, advised by researchers at Stanford University, to bring augmented reality into classrooms across the United States to help students better grasp STEM concepts. Since the beginning of our pilot this summer with Stride, Inc., we’ve uncovered tremendous results – 85% of students agreed that incorporating AR into their lessons aids with memory and retention, and nearly half displayed a notable increase in engagement. 

With custom-built Lenses brought into an easy to use mobile application with Camera Kit, Inspirit designed a transformative curriculum that pairs Snap’s AR technology with a comprehensive learning guide, empowering teachers to facilitate dynamic learning and students to achieve their best, whether they’re learning from the classroom or at home. The curriculum is designed to stimulate classroom engagement, boost confidence levels, and improve students’ self-efficacy. 

Looking ahead, we’re expanding our work together, with 25 STEM experiences for over 50 schools across the country, using the power of AR to revolutionize the way students learn.

To learn more and for details on how educators can get involved, head to www.inspiritvr.com/snap-ar.

Integrating Camera Kit

Create for Camera Kit

Lens Studio

Lens Studio is a powerful, best-in-class desktop application designed for artists and developers to build augmented reality experiences.

Lens Web Builder

Lens Web Builder enables developers, brands, and agencies to create AR experiences through our templates with no coding experience required.

Creator Marketplace

Discover and partner with top AR developers and agencies in the Snap Creator Community who are experts in building with Lens Studio software.

Request Access

Submit a request to use Camera Kit for your apps and websites below. Stay tuned for expanded access announcements.

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