March 28, 2024
March 28, 2024

Explore February’s Most Viral Snapchat Lenses

Congratulations to this past month’s top-performing Lens Creators on your out-of-this-world creations! Try out the viral Community Lenses that won big on Snapchat, and be sure to submit your best work to the Lens Creator Rewards Program by March 31 for this month’s chance at rewards. 🤑

Dancing Alien


Good news. Apparently, aliens don’t want to take over Earth — they just want to boogie! Despite being so far from his planet, this martian seems right at home on the dance floor. Do your best to keep up, but be warned, his skills are otherworldly!

Sexy Astronaut Dip

Sj3li Jori

Don’t miss your chance to dance with the stars! Talk about cabin fever — this astronaut looks absolutely over the moon to be back on solid ground. But hold on tight… With moves this smooth, we think those hips may have their own gravitational pull!

Fruit Personality

Simon QR

Ever wonder what type of fruit you are? Put the debate to rest with the official Fruit Personality Lens. Peel back the layers of introspection with a series of thoughtful questions, and discover something juicy about yourself. Because, let’s face it — therapy is expensive.

Rider Rush


Satisfy your need for speed with Holoware’s exciting, new racing challenge. Tilt your head from side to side to control your motorcycle and collect coins. But watch out! Colliding with a roadblock will cost you!

Don't Blink


How long can you go without blinking? This innovative Eye Tracking Lens from Yajan will put your peepers to the test. Be sure to share your high score with the Group Chat, so you can flex on your friends.

Number Memory Game


Prepare to be humbled by Apriandi’s Number Memory Game! At first glance, this may seem like a simple test, but getting past just a few digits is trickier than it seems. Challenge your friends to see who has the best memory, or play solo for a good old-fashioned brain exercise.

Sheep Rescue

Simon QR

Equal parts silly and satisfying, Simon QR’s arcade-style game is all about timing. Bridge the gap with a perfectly timed cut to help reunite a cute, little sheep with her treasure chest. The lo-fi, vintage arcade game aesthetic adds a nice touch of nostalgia too!

Exhausted Face


Feeling the fatigue? Take J W’s latest creation for a spin to see how you look when tired takes over. Despite the droopy eyes and long face, there’s something slightly uncanny about this Lens… It might have people politely asking who your plastic surgeon is (so they can avoid him).