Snap’s AR platform is even more accessible with our newest product releases!

Unlock fun and creativity with these latest launches.

We’re continuing to invest in tools to make it easier and faster to distribute AR Lenses beyond Snapchat, particularly on the web. With Snap AR, you can transform everyday interactions into extraordinary experiences, wherever you are. Below are some of our most recent investments and announcements, including a public preview of Snapchat Camera for Chrome, Hosted WebAR Lenses, and a React Native wrapper for Camera Kit integrations!

Snapchat Camera for Chrome

Today marks an exciting milestone as we introduce the public preview of Snapchat Camera, an extension for Google Chrome designed to revolutionize your video-based applications across the web using Snap AR Lenses. Whether for professional virtual meetings, connecting with friends and family, or engaging audiences in live streams, Snapchat Camera for Chrome enriches your video calls by bringing the creativity of Snap AR Lenses directly to your webcam. 

Explore an Array of AR Lenses 
Delve into our extensive collection of Snap AR Lenses, where you'll find everything from the latest trending Lenses to seasonal and festive themes that help capture the spirit of the moment. These Lenses enable you to transform your appearance, set the mood for any occasion, or add an artistic touch to your interactions, ensuring every call or broadcast is uniquely yours.

Use Your Own Lens Creations 
Add a personal flair to your video interactions by integrating Lenses you’ve designed and published yourself. Snapchat Camera simplifies the process, enabling you to effortlessly showcase your creativity and distinctive style in every conversation.

Seamless Integration to Supercharge Your Video Interactions 
The Snapchat Camera extension is built to enrich your video interactions on numerous platforms across the web. While designed for broad compatibility, availability may vary, reflecting our commitment to optimize performance and user experience. 

How to Install Snapchat Camera for Chrome
To start using Snap AR Lenses in your favorite video apps, head to the Chrome Web Store, install the Snapchat Camera extension public preview, and sign in with your Snapchat account. In just a few clicks, you’ll be ready to dive into the vast world of Snap AR Lenses and elevate your video interactions. 

Hosted WebAR Lenses

With the launch of Hosted WebAR Lenses, we’re enabling any Lens developer to easily publish an approved custom Lens to the web via a unique URL hosted by Snap — no web development skills or background needed! This feature allows creators to publish their Lenses faster than ever before. Simply navigate to the My Lenses portal, click into either the Lens Details page or the Hosted WebAR Lens tab, and enable the Hosted WebAR Lens toggle. Your Lens is now published to the web and viewable to anyone with the generated link!

To experience how a Hosted WebAR Lens works, try it below!

New React Native Wrapper for Developers

We’re also launching a React Native wrapper for developers integrating Camera Kit to make the process as accessible and seamless as possible. The wrapper provides developers who do not have native iOS or Android development experience with a convenient way to implement the functionalities of Camera Kit in React Native powered applications once and then publish on multiple platforms (Android and iOS). To get started, install the @snap/camera-kit-react-native npm module and start calling Camera Kit APIs. Detailed instructions and a sample application are available on the Github page.

As we continue investing in Camera Kit, developer feedback is incredibly important to maintaining and leveling up the platform. We built this wrapper — as well as the Unity and Flutter wrappers — as a direct response to many requests from our community. We continue to ask for contributions to these repos to fix bugs and add new features. 

Request access to Camera Kit here.